Russia, Portugal or Alesia ... Where will Asterix's next adventure take place in 2021?



But where are Asterix, Obelix and Panoramix (and Dogmatix) going?


Journal du dimanche

and RTL have unveiled a sheet of the next Asterix album, which will be released this year, on October 21.

We discover our two irreducible Gauls, flanked by the village druid, set off on a new adventure.

After a year 2020 marked (not by the coronavirus, change the disc a little) by the 60th anniversary of Asterix and the death of its historic designer Albert Uderzo, a new unpublished album is therefore in preparation.

Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad


authors of Asterix since 2013, are currently working on their fifth album together, which will be Asterix's 39th adventure.

However, we still do not know the title.

And for good reason, this one should reveal the destination of the Gauls in the manner of

Asterix in Hispania


Asterix among the Goths


Danube or Tagus?

The unveiled page shows a game of Gallic chess (apparently the game would not therefore have been imported by the Arabs) interrupted by a vision of Panoramix.

One of his friends is in great danger and we must hurry to help him.

In the last box of this new sheet (which will not appear as such in the album), the three heroes leave the village in a chariot for "a very long journey", with a full barrel of magic potion.

After an album taking place in the Gallic village,

La Fille de Vercingétorix

 in 2019, it was expected that this new adventure will take place outside, as tradition dictates.

A rumor announced the adventures of Asterix in Portugal (or Lusitania), but then, Panoramix would undoubtedly have opted for a departure by sea. Some Asterix fans believe they know that Russia or the banks of the Danube could be the destination of the trio.

They note in any case that the adventures in which Panoramix is ​​embarked are very rare (including the exceptional

Asterix and Cleopatra




Uderzo, the designer of Asterix, is dead


"With the death of Uderzo, everyone will get old, that's for sure," says Nicolas Rouvière

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