On January 2nd, Guangzhou launched the "Public Bus Epidemic Prevention Atomization Disinfection System", one-key automatic disinfection of the entire vehicle, and a diffuse atomized disinfectant covering the entire vehicle within 30 seconds.

The first batch of 41 new trolley buses equipped with this system was put into operation and testing.

  On the same day, on two trolleybuses, inspectors took a sample of the amount of bacteria by dipping the surface of the armrest and backrest with a test swab to test the killing effect of the epidemic prevention and killing system.

The data of the ATP fluorescence detector shows that the bacteria detection of the bus before the activation of the "atomization disinfection system" is 23RLU; the data of the vehicle detection after the disinfection is 2RLU.

According to reports, RLU is a detection value for bacteria detection and surface cleanliness. The lower the value, the cleaner it is.

  According to Huang Haijing, deputy manager of the First Branch of Guangzhou Public Transport Group Tram Co., Ltd., the system integrates intelligent atomization and automatic control technology. Atomized into fine particles, the air supply system then brings the disinfectant mist to all corners of the compartment to realize the disinfection of the surface of the object covered by the atomized gas of the whole vehicle.

  In addition, the new trolleybus is also equipped with bus facial recognition thermometers, parent-child seats, illuminated armrests, one-key "call response" for the disabled, and double-sided full-color LCD displays.

(Cai Minjie and Wu Yue edited by Le Xiaomin)

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]