The lowest temperature in Beijing today is only -11°C. The low temperature warning will continue until the first day of the New Year’s Day holiday

  China Weather News Today (December 31), Beijing’s sunny day is online, the highest temperature will obviously rise to 0℃, day trips will be much warmer than the previous two days, but the lowest temperature is still only -11℃.

During the New Year’s Day holiday, the weather in Beijing will be mostly sunny or cloudy, the minimum temperature will remain very low, hovering at around -10℃, and the blue warning for continuous low temperature will continue until tomorrow, and the work of keeping warm cannot be relaxed.

  Yesterday was the first day of February 9th. The cold-air "end-of-the-year drama" continued to be staged in Beijing. Monitoring showed that the temperature at the southern suburbs observatory was only -12°C at 07:00 in the morning, and the northerly wind was blowing strongly. cold".

Yesterday, the highest temperature at the Southern Suburb Observatory was only -8.4℃, breaking the record of the highest daily temperature in the same period in December in the past 30 years. The lowest night temperature dropped to -12.8℃ (23:48), the lowest since the beginning of winter.

This morning, Beijing was very chilly.

(Photo/Wang Xiao)

  The Beijing Meteorological Observatory predicts that the highest temperature in Beijing will rise to 0°C today. Sunny days are online and the weather will be much warmer, but the lowest temperature is still only -11°C, and the night will still be very cold.

  During the New Year’s Day holiday, Beijing will continue to have sunny or cloudy weather, the wind is not strong, the highest temperature is hovering at the freezing point, and the lowest temperature will be between -8 and -11 degrees Celsius. It will be very cold morning and night, and travel needs to be done well. Keep warm work.

  Meteorological experts reminded that during the holiday period from today to New Year's Day, the weather in Beijing is sunny or cloudy. Although the temperature has risen a lot during the day, it feels much warmer than the previous two days with the sun in the afternoon, but the minimum temperature is still hovering around -10°C. , As the saying goes, if you don't shoot in 1929, cold is still the theme.

Beijing’s continued low-temperature blue warning will continue until the first day of the new year, and it is still necessary to keep warm during public New Year’s holidays.