• Measures: New Year's Eve restrictions, community by community

  • Character of the year: those who faced the Covid in the trench of the pandemic

  • Q & A. Do you have to be vaccinated if you have passed the coronavirus?

On the last day of the year, the concern of the health authorities is in the celebrations that can take place in practically all parts of Spain from early afternoon.

It will be the strangest New Year's Eve of our lives and the autonomous communities have turned to reminding citizens of the

importance of avoiding concentrations of people and limiting family contacts as much as possible


On the other hand, the beginning of 2021 will bring a change to the head of the Ministry of Health since

Salvador Illa

has been chosen by

Pedro Sánchez

to attend the PSC's list head in the Catalan regional elections in February.

The data of the coronavirus in Spain

    * Source: Ministry of Health

    Total figures: 1,910,218 confirmed coronavirus cases with a diagnostic test for active infection;

    50,689 deaths with a positive test as of December 30

  • 262,639 in


    (5,100 dead)

  • 79,551 in


    (2,623 dead)

  • 27,044 in


    (1,341 dead)

  • 34,974 in the

    Balearic Islands

    (465 dead)

  • 26,859 in the

    Canary Islands

    (414 dead)

  • 17,843 in


    (388 dead)

  • 99,606 in

    Castilla-La Mancha

    (4,079 dead)

  • 132,059 in

    Castilla y León

    5,071 dead)

  • 353,194 in


    (8,689 dead)

  • 3,056 in


    (59 dead)

  • 145,965 in the

    Valencian Community

    (2,909 dead)

  • 36,311 in


    (1,064 dead)

  • 60,590 in


    (1,371 dead)

  • 395,298 in


    (11,827 dead)

  • 4,507 in


    (43 dead)

  • 59,796 in


    (739 dead)

  • 42,340 in


    (958 dead)

  • 110,342 in the

    Basque Country

    (2,963 dead)

  • 18,244 in

    La Rioja

    (586 dead)

08.38 Tokyo exceeds 1,000 daily cases of coronavirus for the first time

The number of daily cases of covid-19 in the Tokyo region has exceeded a thousand for the first time, as announced by the Government of the Japanese capital, while the authorities contemplate taking new measures to stop the spread of the virus.

The governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, announced this Thursday to the media the number of infections registered in the last 24 hours, which marks a new maximum by exceeding 1,000 infections after the previous record was placed last Saturday at 949 cases.

The number of infections today will be around 1,300, according to local media before the Tokyo Government offers its official data.

07.57 Ximo Puig warns of "forceful actions" against parties: "There is no New Year's Eve or New Year's Eve"

The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has warned of "forceful actions" against parties that do not respect existing restrictions and has remarked: "There is no New Year's Eve or New Year's Eve".

This is how Puig spoke this Wednesday after holding a security coordination meeting with the Government delegate in the Valencian Community, Gloria Calero, representatives of the National and Autonomous Police, Civil Guard and security councilors of Alicante, Castellón and Elche to establish the special operation for the next few days.

In this sense, he has criticized the "parties in chalets or private spaces" which are "more difficult to attack from the security forces" and that "may be overcoming that control situation, but not that of contagions and other consequences most terrible ".

07.38 Nacho Cano will perform 'One more year' in an empty Puerta del Sol before the grapes in tribute to the victims of the Covid

Nacho Cano will perform with a single song minutes before the chimes in an empty Puerta del Sol in tribute to the victims of the coronavirus.

The chosen song is a Mecano classic, 'One more year'.

The mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, thanked the musician for the initiative on a New Year's Eve with this "uniqueness", the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, and in "a special place for the whole of Spain" such as Puerta del Sol. "'Five more minutes until the countdown' ... Who hasn't sung it?" Almeida asked himself at the last press conference of the year.

The performance of Nacho Cano in the Puerta del Sol, with a single song, will have no cost for the Madrid City Council or commercial purpose, remarked the councilor, who explained that it was the Consistory, which participates in the organization of the event, which contacted the musician for this tribute to Spanish society.

07.21 Hospitals overwhelmed in Florida when vaccination of people over 65 starts

Tens of thousands of people stand in long lines and have saturated hospital phone lines since the coronavirus vaccination of those 65 and older began this week in Florida, the state with the highest proportion of retirees in the United States.

Since Monday, when the local government gave the green light to vaccinations of those over 65 - who represent about 20% (more than 4 million) of the population - television images show long lines in front of the hospitals that started the process.

Jackson Health System, Miami's largest hospital system, announced Tuesday that it hoped to vaccinate 10,000 of its patients over 65, in addition to those most at risk if they contract the virus, starting this week.

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