Director Robert Hossein, also a theater and film actor, screenwriter and dialogue writer, died on Thursday at the age of 93.

In 1996, he played the game of self-portrait at the microphone of Europe 1. "I love this job passionately, which I do with as many people as possible", he confided. 


Robert Hossein, born Abraham Hosseinoff, monument of French theater, died Thursday at the age of 93.

His wife, actress Candice Patou, confirmed his death in hospital "after a respiratory problem".

Actor, director, scriptwriter, dialogue writer, he was known in particular for his productions on stage and his role as the Count of Peyrac in the series "

Angélique, Marquise des anges


In 1996, a year after his honorary Molière, he took part in the game of self-portrait on the air in Europe 1.


 Robert Hossein: "in my job"

"I can only work with a lot of people" 

"The only portrait that I can make of myself is to tell you that I love this profession passionately and that I do it with as many people as possible. Because I also have a good sense, not only of friendship, but I can only work with a lot of people, because I find that the talent is to find some in the neighbor ", he declared on Europe 1. During his career, Robert Hossein collaborated with many film personalities such as Brigitte Bardot, Jean Gabin or Jean-Paul Belmondo.

He will become one of Roger Vadim's favorite actors, for whom he will play in

The Vice and the Virtue

in 1963 or


, in 1968. He directs the popular theater of Reims in the 1970s and founded a school from which the actresses will emerge. Anemone or even Isabelle Adjani. 

"I try not to sleep more than two hours" 

"I was told that the genius was 18 hours of work a day, while I try not to sleep more than two hours. I do not feel that I have more," he laughed. at the microphone of Europe 1. Robert Hossein advocated the theater for the greatest number.

He has been recognized for blockbusters, borrowing from cinema codes, such as

Les Misérables


Notre-Dame de Paris


He also directed the Marigny theater from 2000 to 2008. 

"It's very difficult and very delicate to talk about yourself. I notice how easy it is to say good things about others because in fact, you don't necessarily talk about yourself anymore", he concluded at the microphone of Europe 1.