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Although Harvard experts have declared them as the best method to strengthen the abdominal muscles (not to lose fat or lose weight in a localized way because that is 'another song' closely related to diet), the planks are not the only way to activate that

'natural corset'

that should tighten our torso to protect our viscera, help us maintain a correct posture and prevent back problems.

Moreover, isometric abs, if not performed with the correct technique and under the

supervision of a qualified professional

, not only can produce the opposite effect to the desired one and, instead of working our 'core' in a global way (without isolating it of other muscle groups), becoming the origin of a lumbar, cervical injury, etc.

Starting from that inescapable duty that it would always be advisable to have the advice of a collegiate coach, the truth is that there is life beyond the plates and that the most interesting thing is to

find the alternative that best

suits our physical condition and objectives.

Here are three examples of three very different options with which to enhance the muscles of our 'core' effectively.


With pulley or elastic bands.

In the gym or at home.

The truth is that this 'lifelong' exercise guarantees an

intense activation of the abdominal area, especially in the obliques, from a functional point of view


The secret - as always - lies in mastering the technique and concentrating all the 'power' in our core.


Conceived, at the end of the 80s of last century, for the recovery of the pelvic floor after childbirth and as a form of prevention of urinary incontinence, by Marcel Caufriez, a doctor in Physiotherapy born in Belgium and specialized in urogynecological and sexual re-education , will help us to strengthen the deeper abdominal muscles using our breathing as a basic tool.


Basically it is a high intensity interval training (HIIT), in which a series of exercises are combined to be performed for 15 seconds (plus 15 rest), at the beginner level, or 20 and 15, in the advanced level for a maximum time of 12 or 13 minutes, depending on the physical condition of each user.

What makes the difference of these routines with respect to other 'hiit' is the use of 'nucleus', a new device 'filling' of liquid that, by moving faster, generates more energy and produces more muscular stress.


is essential to consult a professional about the convenience of starting a training program.

Also listen to the calls of our body and stop at any symptoms of discomfort, dizziness or pain.

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