The Beijing News interviewed Han Yan, director of "Send You A Little Red Flower", hoping that the audience will feel sincere and broad-based love

Active life, everyone deserves a "little red flower"

  Directed by Han Yan, starring Yi Yanqianxi and Liu Haocun, starring Zhu Yuanyuan and Gao Yalin, Xia Yu specially starred, and the movie "Send You A Little Red Flower" with Yue Yunpeng's friendship will be released nationwide on New Year's Eve on December 31. The pre-sale box office of the film has exceeded 100 million yuan 5 days before its release.

  When asked about the meaning of the title of the new film "Send You A Little Red Flower", director Han Yan said: "Little Red Flower should be a very daily encouragement in life. We are actually very stingy to give this encouragement and reward to others. . And this "you" is everyone around me, including myself."

  In 2015, Director Han Yan published Xiong Dun’s anti-cancer comic "Get Out!

"Tumor King" moved to the big screen, which moved countless people and also earned 510 million yuan in box office.

Five years later, as the second part of the "Trilogy of Life", "Send You A Little Red Flower" under similar propositions expanded the radius of the story to include families and sentient beings. Observation and accumulation of life are put into this movie, and participated in the whole process of script creation.

In an exclusive interview with the Beijing News, Han Yan said that he has been thinking about the way the world works in recent years, and "Send You A Little Red Flower" shows a possibility he understands. He wants to put this This possibility is shared with the audience, and at the same time, I want more people to see and think about how we should treat our current life and the relationships around us that are near or far.


  Bad things at a good age

  Eighteen or nineteen years old, should have been an age full of curiosity about the world and the courage to try various possibilities.

But as a "pre-cancer patient" Wei Yihang (played by Yi Yang Qianxi) can only follow the doctor's advice, and the radius of life cannot be separated from the home and the hospital.

For the protagonist in this story, Han Yan’s view is: "Wei Yihang lost a lot of possibilities for a boy of this age, and encountered the worst things at the best age. How to struggle out of such a quagmire? For the rest of life, it is the growth theme of Wei Yihang."

  The role corresponding to the "inactive" Wei Yihang is the optimistic anti-cancer girl Ma Xiaoyuan (played by Liu Haocun).

Even though she has taken a lot of medicine since she was 5 years old, she still lives actively, warming the people around her like the sun.

The difference in personalities between the two is due to the different influences brought about by the two families-Ma Xiaoyuan plays a leading role in the family, and her father Lao Ma (Xia Yu) plays a young child every day, connecting the family relationship Give her the initiative to her daughter, let her be the "parent", let her take care of herself, and let her live so vigorously until she endows her in old age.

  Compared with the slightly absurd Ma Xiaoyuan and his daughter, Wei Yihang and his parents Wei Jiang (Gao Yalin) and Tao Hui (Zhu Yuanyuan) are an ordinary family of three.

The adolescent son is in a period of rebellion and isolation, and the most words his mother says to him every day is "play less on the phone and go out more."

He lives in the unreserved love given by his parents, but besides being rebellious, he is still a sick child. He feels that the world is unfair to him. He uses his distance to fight against this unfairness. The more he loves, the more he feels that he is a "burden."


  It's harder to get sick, even harder for people around you

  Director Han Yan said, “Wei Yihang is not inactive. If he is really inactive, he will not say'my mother said this thing is carcinogenic' when eating skewers with girls. He unilaterally feels that he has lost a lot. Possibly, he can’t go hiking, explore, or do what he likes. It’s a disguise that he doesn’t open himself, it’s the person he set up for himself, until Ma Xiaoyuan gave him one. A door."

  The relationship between Wei Yihang and Ma Xiaoyuan and the protagonist is certainly a major highlight of the film, especially with the influence of the two young starring actors born in the 00s, Yi Qianxi and Liu Haocun.

However, the depiction of Zhu Yuanyuan, Gao Yalin and Xia Yu's parents also takes up a considerable amount of space.

Regarding these two parents, Han Yan was quite prepared at the stage of script creation.

There is such a scene in the film where the mother played by Zhu Yuanyuan yells at a female beggar who is holding her child: "Is your child sick? Is he sick?" A patient's mother's emotions change from depression to explosion to a pairing The anger of strangers and the sadness behind the anti-cancer family are vividly displayed.

  Director Han Yan said that this scene is a plot he wrote four years ago, and it is also a plot he has not changed and must film.

Obviously, for such a special family, Han Yan had a lot of thoughts, "Wei Yihang’s parents will amplify the emotions of ordinary parents by 20% to 30% to express, whether it is to encourage or care for their children, because they The family is fragile. With such a patient, they may experience life or death at any time. On the side of sadness and tolerance, they also hide deeper than their parents in ordinary families. When the fire is ignited at a certain moment, When it erupts, it will erupt more violently than the parents of ordinary families."


  Start to learn to love those around you silently

  The movie "Send You A Little Red Flower" was developed from Wei Yihang's perspective. The door Ma Xiaoyuan opened for him made him gradually feel that he has no less than others.

As an "anti-cancer predecessor" who has taken a lot of medicine since the age of 5, he used the sentence "It's not easy to live" to smash the "mourning" personality he set up for himself, and also clicked this one. The film is a more profound and universal theme-living well is worth a little red flower.

  In addition to the protagonist who has a name and a surname, the movie also gives enough details to many little people without a name, so that every character can be remembered.

The deaf-mute takeaway sitting on the floor and eating instant noodles, the father who cried on the roadside after losing his daughter, the grandmother who was waiting to find his grandson in the rainstorm...and the man in front of him who "will die at any time" just like him. But Ma Xiaoyuan, who lives so hard, these ordinary and extraordinary people, made the protagonist Wei Yihang of the story begin to question whether his "mourning" is really meaningful.

  "When I just graduated in my 20s, I often talked about dreams and felt how difficult it is to realize them. As I got older, I suddenly discovered that the most difficult thing is to live. I Going out the door and seeing everyone exhausted all their resources to survive, it is easy for no one to live, let alone those who are sick.” Director Han Yan said in an interview.

In the movie, Wei Yihang saw the father eating beef rice, a scene that Han Yan saw with his own eyes when he went to the hospital once, and the deaf-mute deliveryman, all of his life accumulation over the past few years.

He wants to put these seemingly distant but in fact stories abounding in life into his own movies.

  Regarding the expectation of the film, Director Han Yan hopes that the audience will feel sincere and broad-minded love. "I am very worried that after making a film, it will have no effect on everyone and will not bring the audience a little thought. My biggest expectation for this film is I hope it can make people feel the sincerity of all our creators. When we see stories like this, you won’t think it’s made up at all, because you must have seen things like this. I’ve been thinking about a question these years, How does this world work? How should we live together between close people and distant people. I would like to believe that someone around me will always love you silently, whether he knows you or not, whether he has anything to do with you. So you will also start to learn to love the people around you silently. This love is the broad sense of love, which is a very simple "send you a little red flower". I think the world works in silence."

  Beijing News reporter Teng Chao