China Weather Network News Today (December 29), affected by the cold wave, Beijing will have strong winds to cool down. At present, the three major warning signals of cold wave, continuous low temperature and strong wind are on the rise. Today's highest temperature will only be -6℃, and the lowest temperature will drop. To -13℃, or close to the extreme lowest temperature record in the past 10 years, gusts can reach level 7, and the lowest somatosensory temperature will be close to -20℃. The wind chill effect is significant, and public travel needs to be protected from cold and wind.

  Last night, the northerly wind whistled in Beijing, and most areas had winds of magnitude 4 to 6, with gusts of magnitude 7 or higher. The winds in Yanqing, Changping, Mentougou, Miyun, Pinggu and other places were strong, with gusts of magnitude 6 or more.

  The Beijing Meteorological Observatory predicts that under the influence of cold wave weather today and tomorrow, there will be strong winds and sustained low temperatures in Beijing. At present, the blue warning signal of cold waves, sustained low temperatures and strong winds is high.

Among them, during the daytime in Beijing, from sunny to cloudy, the highest temperature will be only -6°C, and the lowest temperature will drop to -13°C, which is close to the extreme lowest temperature record (14.4°C) in Beijing in the past 10 years.

In addition, today, Beijing gusts can reach level 7 during the day, and strong north wind gusts can reach level 6 at night. The wind chill effect is obvious, and the lowest body temperature may be close to -20℃.

  In the daytime tomorrow, the wind in Beijing will gradually weaken, but there will still be a fourth-level northerly wind. The temperature rises slowly. The highest temperature is -5°C. The northerly wind weakens further at night, but the lowest temperature will still hover at -12°C.

  Meteorological experts reminded that Beijing is currently warning of strong winds, cold waves, and continuous low temperatures. Today, gusts of magnitude 7 and the wind chill effect are significant. The public should pay attention to wind and cold, stay away from temporary structures, and pay attention to the safety of fire and electricity.