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Demi Lovato is not only happy, but proud.

The singer and actress conquered her bulimia, an illness she suffered from since adolescence.

“I sincerely believed that you could not be cured of an eating disorder.

That everyone was pretending or relapsing in secret.

"She must make herself vomit", "She decently cannot accept her cellulite"… Here are some of the things I said to myself growing up.

I am grateful to be able to honestly say today for the first time in my life: my dietitian looked at me and said 'This is what a cure from an eating disorder looks like', he said.


interpreter said

in an Instagram post.

Accept and heal yourself

To illustrate her point, the artist has published several close-up photos of her thighs, the traces of stretch marks accentuated by sequins "to celebrate my body and all its details (which society considers good OR bad)".

Demi Lovato explained that she did “this little photoshoot myself this summer during confinement to honor my stretch marks instead of being ashamed of it.

My stretch marks won't go away so just add a little glitter on them, don't you think?


She has also reached out to people with eating disorders who feel they can't get by.

" You can do it.

I believe in you.

This has been a tough year… Be kind to yourself if you relapse and remember to get back in the saddle right away because you deserve to know the miracle of healing, ”concluded Demi Lovato.


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