A page in fashion history closed on Tuesday with the death at the age of 98 of French fashion designer Pierre Cardin, who marked his time with his futuristic creations, derivative products and limitless imagination.

Son of Italian immigrants who became a businessman with a world-famous name, Pierre Cardin died in the morning at the American hospital in Neuilly, west of Paris.

Landed in Paris in 1945 after making his debut at a tailor in Saint-Etienne, Pierre Cardin went notably to Paquin and Schiaparelli before joining Christian Dior, then creating his own fashion house.

A designer with a futuristic aesthetic, he was successful from the start, especially with his bubble dresses.

Before many other big names in fashion, Pierre Cardin had opened a "corner" in a department store, made by men.

And he had adopted a worldwide licensing system that ensured him a worldwide distribution of his name, on products as diverse as ties, cigarettes, perfumes or mineral water ...

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