Ireland opens debate on end of life (Replay)


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The question of the end of life resonates all over Europe.

Still very taboo in France, the subject is being discussed today in Ireland, while the Netherlands, very pioneers in this area, seem to want to further relax their legislation.




, a bill has just passed first reading in the National Assembly to allow terminally ill patients, without any hope of remission, to benefit from medical assistance in dying.

Emeline Vin

met the architects of this law.



is often considered one of the most advanced countries on this issue.

The law on euthanasia allows Dutch doctors to perform euthanasia or assisted suicide, but only under specific conditions.

Even if, over the years, the authorities have shown themselves to be more and more flexible.

In The Hague,

Antoine Mouteau. 

In France, carers are demanding a real status

On the side of life, there is this essential profession: these carers who help the elderly at home, in their daily life. 

Badly paid, badly considered, badly protected, carers, mostly women, suffer at work and have been asking for real status for years. 

Report in Picardy by

Lise Verbeke.

In a nutshell: stjórnarskrá

This week's

In a Nutshell


takes us to


where a campaign for a new constitution gain prominence,

Jérémie Richard.

On the migration route, the gaze of photographer Samuel Gratacap

Thousands of people demonstrated in October in Paris to demand the regularization of undocumented migrants.

Last step, but not the easiest, on the migration route.


Samuel Gratacap

stopped on this migratory route on the border between France and Italy.

He exhibits his work,

Bilatéral, (France Italy)

at the Quadrilatère in Beauvais until January 3, 2021, as part of

the Photaumnales festival

Samuel Gratacap's website.

Work produced as part of FLUX, photographic commission from the National Center for Plastic Arts in partnership with the CRP / Regional Center for Photography Hauts-de-France and Diaphane Pôle photographique en Hauts-de-France.

National Center for Plastic Arts / CRP / Diaphane Hauts de France

(Replay of October 19, 2020)


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