Do we remain an eternal child in the eyes of our parents?


Remain a child.

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“My parents will always be my parents” is what most adults say to themselves.

However, many suffer from an ambiguous relationship with them, even from a stranglehold on their existence.

Duty of respect and emancipation: how to reinvent this relationship and live life to the fullest?




- Emmanuel Ballet de Coquereaumont, psychopractor and author of

Your parents are no longer your parents

(Éditions Eyrolles)

Kpénahi Traoré

, journalist at RFI.

And a report by

Raphaëlle Constant.

At the end of the program,

the chronicle of Ibrahima Giroux, Parents, children, here and elsewhere

 : Learning from mistakes.

Download here.

The weekly meeting to help parents, with psychologist

Ibrahima Giroux

, UNICEF employee in Dakar.


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