Rain talked about his marriage to his wife, Taehee Kim.

World Star Rain appeared as a special MC in SBS'My Ugly Baby' (hereinafter referred to as'Miwoo Bird') broadcast on the 27th.

On this day's broadcast, when asked if he was a good helper with the housework, he said, "I do everything myself. And most of the time, I don't get scolded because I try not to get help."

In response, Shin Dong-yeop asked, "I think you are on the same side as me. When you want to drink water, don't you give me water?"

Then Rain jumped out, "Of course I don't. In which world did you live?"

Rain explained, "Really, I do everything I do. And I buy food for me in advance. And if I ask in advance before I eat, and if I say not to eat, I just eat my arrogance and finish tidying up."

So Jang-Hoon Seo asked, "What if my wife asks for a spoonful?", and Rain said, "That's not possible. That's the rule of our family."

Then, Seo Jang-hoon asked, "Do you do that to the best gift?" and Rain added, "Isn't there something called my amount. I have one meal a day, so I have no choice but to eat it."

And he said, "Before you eat, ask and prepare, and nowadays, I have the know-how, so I make plenty more."

In addition, Rain was admired by saying, "My wife is good at cooking", saying, "If my wife makes it, I eat everything. Everything my wife has done is delicious."

In response, Seo Jang-hoon said, "If you are good at cooking with that beauty, it is really a foul."

And Rain said, "My wife likes to make good things with the best ingredients," and "But among the dishes her wife made, the best shabu-shabu is shabu-shabu. It makes them really delicious."

Recently, Rain, who is producing the idol group'Cypher', asked whether it is more comfortable to be a student of JYP or to cultivate juniors by himself, "I am happy if Jinyoung is with my brother. All I have to do is tell him." He said, "However, creating an idol group is not easy because I have to take all the responsibility."

Following Rain, "I received three education from Park Jin-young hyung: morality, responsibility, and sex education."

Rain said, "The basic thing about sex education is that if you get one, you have to give up one. If you want to be in a relationship, do it, and you can't do it in the first place. If you want to be in first place, you have to put it in second place. It was a teaching to do what you want."

So Jang-Hoon Seo asked if he hadn't even hit the thumb before winning first place.

Then, Shin Dong-yeop said, "Aren't you too careless to say that you're alone now?" and "Let's talk about the old one."

Following that, Shin Dong-yeop said, "If you meet true love, that's your first love," he said to Rain and said, "Aren't you married to your first love? I am too," and laughed.

And on that day, Jaehoon Tak, Sangmin Lee, and Jongguk Kim called their acquaintances and asked them to borrow money.

Accordingly, Kim Jong-guk and Lee Sang-min expressed warmth when they answered that they would lend money to Seo Jang-hoon and Haha, respectively.

In particular, Seo Jang-hoon said, "In the last case, I was able to believe because I wasn't a child who would spend money in vain." .

In addition, Rain said that if Park Jin-young asks for money, he will lend JYP shares as collateral.

And at home, they said that each of them had to manage the economy, attracting attention.

Rain said, "From the time I got married, I said let's start without pretense. So, I didn't even give a separate gift, I only had one ring."

He then said, "And we decided not to pay attention to each other's economic aspects, and we decided to adapt to the way we lived."

In addition, he said, "In the case of my wife, my mother-in-law is really good at care, but she takes everything from 1 to 10 so that I don't have to worry about it, so I feel blessed." 

(SBS Entertainment News Editor Kim Hyo-jeong)