Several men were presumably injured by gunfire in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin early in the morning on Boxing Day.

Four injured people came to the hospital and were being treated there, said a police spokesman on Saturday morning.

The fire brigade had reported three people who were seriously injured and were initially cared for by rescue workers and emergency doctors.

Numerous heavily armed officials were on duty around the scene in the immediate vicinity of the SPD party headquarters.

According to the police spokesman, the investigation was carried out by a homicide squad.

There have been no arrests so far.

In the meantime, a helicopter was also used in the search for those involved.

The crime scene is apparently in a gate entrance on Stresemannstrasse, as a photographer from the news agency dpa reported on site.

Three injured people are said to have been found there.

The police cordoned off the area extensively, not least for securing evidence.

The operation continued on Saturday morning.

According to the police spokesman, there were also police technicians on site.

Heavily armed police officers found the seriously injured at the scene

Source: dpa / Paul Zinken

At Stresemannstrasse 23 across from the SPD party headquarters there was a bullet hole in a door, as the dpa photographer reported, not far from another bullet hole in a glass door.

The footpath in front of the alleged crime scene was cordoned off.

An injured man was pulled out of the Landwehr Canal


Another injured man was pulled from the nearby Landwehr Canal, he is said to have suffered an injury to his leg.

According to the police, the man jumped into the water on his own.

Around the Möckernbrücke underground station, which is located directly on the Landwehr Canal, the police searched the undergrowth on the bank with flashlights.

Source: WORLD infographic

"The background is not yet known," said a police spokesman in the morning.

“We also don't yet know how many people were involved.” It is also not yet known whether several people fired shots or there was an exchange of fire.

"The investigation is ongoing."

Police officers armed with submachine guns leave the property on Stresemannstrasse in Kreuzberg

Source: dpa / Paul Zinken

Fire brigade emergency vehicles are on Stresemannstrasse in Kreuzberg

Source: dpa / Paul Zinken

In Berlin there are always disputes between individual groups or families.

Most recently, after a 29-year-old was shot in Kreuzberg, around ten men attacked a ground floor apartment and a car.

In February, a shooting at the Berlin Tempodrom in Möckernstrasse, not far from the current crime scene, caused a sensation with one dead and four injured.

The police were on duty with a large contingent, including homicide.