The percentage of male national government employees who took childcare leave in 2019 reached a record high of 28%.

National civil servants working in central government ministries and agencies are supposed to take childcare leave, regardless of gender, until the child turns three years old.

According to the National Personnel Authority, the number of male national civil servants who took childcare leave in 2019 was 1,679, an increase of more than 300 from the previous year, excluding special jobs such as SDF personnel.

The acquisition rate was 28%, which is about 6 points higher than the previous year, reaching a record high for the seventh consecutive year, and the range of increase from the previous year is also the highest ever.

About 30% of men took childcare leave for more than a month, about the same as in the previous year.

Since April, the government has been urging male government officials who have children to take more than one month of childcare leave in principle, and the National Personnel Authority said, "The number of employees taking more than one month has increased this year. There is a tendency, and I want to further create an environment that is easy to acquire. "