Former CEO Carlos Ghosn of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. has been accused of disclosing less compensation, and there is no way for former Nissan Justice Director to receive it without disclosing the compensation. After explaining, he testified that he had been seconded to a subsidiary by former CEO Kelly.

Former Nissan Legal Director Becomes Witness

Former Nissan representative director Greg Kelly, 64, was accused of colluding with former chairman Ghosn and disclosing less of the former chairman's compensation in a securities report, witnesses of internal officials at the time. Interrogations continued, and on the 25th, a witness called a man who had been the chairman of Nissan's legal office for more than four years until 2011.

In this, the former director of the Legal Affairs Office testified that the system for disclosing executive compensation was introduced in 2010, and former CEO Kelly repeatedly instructed him to think about ways to receive compensation without disclosing the compensation of former chairman Ghosn. Did.

"There is no way to avoid disclosure," he repeatedly explained.

In response, the former General Counsel repeatedly explained, "Whether the payment is made that year or in the future, it will be subject to disclosure. There is no way to avoid disclosure." I thought the instructions of the former CEO were inappropriate and there should be no loopholes. "

At that time, former CEO Kelly said, "Former Chairman Ghosn has lost his temper about the disclosure of compensation. If he can avoid disclosure of compensation, he can go to jail."

"Notice of secondment to a subsidiary"

The former General Counsel repeatedly explained that there was no way to receive compensation without disclosing it, but he was told by former CEO Kelly that he would be seconded to a subsidiary.

He said he heard that former chairman Ghosn eventually decided to be seconded, although other officers objected to the secondment.