It would be nice if 2021 were different from 2020. The dirty viruses can stay outside.

I get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Simple calculation: the risk of a vaccination is considerably smaller than that of a COVID19 infection.

Then I would like to continue my 100 year old world exploration project with a trip to Uganda.

Traveling means: creating distance to your own living environment.

People have to come back to each other and sniff each other to learn that thinking goes on behind the board in front of their own heads.

I am very hopeful that the orange-headed wrecking ball will eventually leave the White House voluntarily, thus clearing the way for global negotiations.

It is only when people are economically dependent on each other that they don't cut their heads.

That is why a renaissance of globalization is needed.


For myself, I wish that I can resume the way of life I have practiced on tour for over 30 years.

Not a purely selfish wish, because everyone from the sound engineer to the organizer would like to work again.

Everyone feels that printing new banknotes cannot completely replace the economic process.

I also want to go to the hairdresser again in January.

Dieter Nuhr is a German comedian and author.

He moderates the cabaret show “Nuhr im Ersten” on the TV station ARD.