China News Service, Beijing, December 24th, 23rd, the first Taiwan network interactive Guofeng youth creative program "Let's go live!"

"Hua Cai Boys" will be held in Beijing.

At the meeting, producer Dong Yi, chief director Zhou Cong and experts discussed with the theme of "conservation and innovation of traditional culture".

Producer Dong Yi

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"Hua Cai Youth", the show's chief director Zhou Cong proposed two key words: national style, innovative interpretation.

She said that the youth representatives in the show come from different colleges and nationalities, and their performances can show young people's new expressions of the national style.

  You can see from the clip clips of the show, "Go online!

"Hua Cai Juveniles" selected 35 national style Hua Cai juveniles from home and abroad, and their performances were full of Chinese traditional cultural elements.

  Among them, Zhang Xiaohan's creative Peking opera "Fighting the Tiger Up the Mountain" incorporates rap elements, Bian Ziyan's song "Gift to Wang Lun" is adapted from Li Bai's masterpiece, in addition to ancient rhyme dances such as "Qingpingle", "Rolling Bead Curtain" and "Ambush on Ten Sides".

  What impressed the guests the most was "Little Girl" by Yang Runqin, a Naxi girl. Cui Wei, secretary general of the Chinese Dramatists Association, said: "I feel the beauty and simplicity of the child through the show." The guests gave 35 teenagers after watching the film. Praise, Professor Zhang Yiwu of the Chinese Department of Peking University praised the teenagers for their own righteousness.

Zhang Yiwu

  Regarding the "contemporary expression of traditional culture", Zhang Yiwu said that to spread Chinese culture, it is necessary to "transmit the context" and "get the truth". He interpreted the program with "three news": "new space, new mission, new dimensions" The program shows the new forms of Chinese culture from these three aspects, which is refreshing."

  Through artistic expressions such as Peking opera, national instrumental music, and dance, the program shows the audience the traditional culture in the eyes of young people.

Cui Wei said: "The audience can also develop an understanding of the national style through the youth's knowledge and understanding of traditional culture and the display of talents. The talent display extends forward to the relationship between the Chinese and the national style and national culture, and extends back. When it comes to Chinese culture and the future development of China, the role that national culture and national art should play in it has made the connotation and meaning of the program very well expressed.

  It is reported that "Go online!

"Hua Cai Youth" will be broadcast on the main station in the near future.