He still needs 63,000 dirhams to pay tuition and rent arrears

A donor contributes 10 thousand dirhams to help "Abu Mustafa"

A donor contributed 10,000 dirhams to help (Abu Mustafa - a Syrian) pay the tuition fees for his two sons (Mustafa) and (Shahd), who were forbidden by the school administration to continue studying two years ago, due to the accumulation of school arrears on them, and they still need 20,000 dirhams to be able to resume studies .

(Abu Mustafa) is also facing difficulty in paying the rent arrears for the house in which he resides with his family, which amounted to 43 thousand dirhams for the last two years and the current one, and he is threatened with imprisonment, after the owner of the house filed a lawsuit against him.

And he still appeals to the people of good and merciful hearts to extend a helping hand to him, in order to obtain the remaining amount to pay the tuition and rent arrears, which is 63 thousand dirhams.

The "Emirates Today", the day before yesterday, published the story of the suffering of (Abu Mustafa - a Syrian), and his inability to pay 73 thousand dirhams, including rent arrears amounting to 43 thousand dirhams for the last and current years, and 30 thousand dirhams late tuition fees for his two sons.

(Abu Mustafa) expressed his happiness and sincere thanks to the donor for providing assistance to his two sons to resume their studies, indicating that this stand is not strange to the people of the UAE and residents, who love to do good and provide assistance to everyone in need.

The father previously reported that he works in a private entity in Sharjah, and his financial condition has worsened after his salary was reduced due to the consequences of the emerging Corona virus (Covid-19) crisis, as he used to receive a salary of 6000 dirhams per month, and eight months ago it became 4000 dirhams. Currently, he cannot meet the demands of his family's life.

He pointed out that his family consists of five members, including his son (Muhammad), who is a person of determination and suffers from mental and mobility disabilities, and his condition requires periodic review of the hospital for tests, in addition to providing his medical supplies, pointing out that he spent his savings and spends half of his salary every month (2000 dirhams) ) To treat his son.

(Abu Mustafa) added that he is unable to pay the rent arrears, and he and his family are threatened with eviction, as the owner of the house filed a lawsuit demanding that he pay the arrears that amounted to 43 thousand dirhams for the last and current two years, otherwise he will be imprisoned, and the problem is that his difficult circumstances prevent this amount.

He continued, "My son (Mustafa) was studying in the 11th grade, and my daughter (Shahd) is also in the 11th grade, and the school administration is asking me to pay 30,000 dirhams for them."

He said, "My family will be without a breadwinner and support, especially since I am threatened with going to prison at any moment, in the event of non-payment of rental arrears, and I appeal to people of kind heart to help me find the remaining amount of rent arrears and tuition fees."

• The father receives 4000 dirhams monthly salary, and he is threatened with imprisonment.