Doctor Jimmy Mohamed explains to you, Monday morning, how to know if your physical condition is good.

To do this, he delivers, in his column "Our Health" from Europe 1, the secrets of a little exercise that reveals your muscle strength and flexibility, to be performed at home without any equipment, to assess you in just a few minutes. .

How do you know if you are in good physical condition?

With this exercise, it will only take you a few minutes.

Doctor Jimmy Mohamed, health specialist at Europe 1, explains how to quickly self-assess at home, Monday morning, in the morning.

This little test will allow you to take better care of your health.

Being in good physical condition isn't just about your ability to run 5 km or do 20 or 30 push-ups.

It can be assessed with a very simple exercise and you don't need any material to do it.

First, you just need to sit on the floor with your legs crossed and get up.

See if it was difficult for you to do it, if you had to use your hands, knees or legs.

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Once you are up again you will do the exercise again, but this time you will notice yourself.

You start with a score of 10 out of 10 for the maximum score.

As you get up, pay attention to the use of your arms, legs and knees or if you lose your balance.

Each time, take a point back.

A test that reveals strength and flexibility

If you are up perfectly without touching anything, you have 10 out of 10, well done!

If you can not get up and you roll on the ground immediately, you have 0 out of 10. This test is interesting because it reveals your strength, but also your flexibility.

This exercise requires strong legs, stability and even balance.