TVN's'Seol Min-seok's Naked World History' side, who was publicly shot by an archaeologist, is struggling to come up with an easy position.

Previously, archeology expert Kwak Min-soo, head of the Korean Institute of Egyptology, criticized on Facebook yesterday (20th) that he was watching Cleopatra, "Seol Min-suk's Naked World History". The facts themselves are so wrong that it is difficult to mention one by one. I did.

He stressed that many of the stories introduced in the program were different from the facts, such as the place that was the background of the Cleopatra period, information related to the Alexandria Library, and anecdotes about'I came, I saw, I won'.

Director Kwak said, "Talking about'historical facts' and rumors together is definitely a good strategy to draw attention when talking about history, but if what you are trying to do is not just'unraveling' but'historical story', "You have to tell them apart."

'Seol Min-suk's Naked World History', named after the star history lecturer Seol Min-seok, is a program that explores various places around the world with'On-Tact', looks at the attractions of each country, and uncovers world history that we did not know from various perspectives.

In episode 1, Min-seok Seol left for Germany to highlight the dictator Adolf Hitler, and in episode 2, he told the story of Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Egypt.

Seol Min-seok's unique talk has been added to the mystery world history, and since the first episode, the audience rating has exceeded 5% (Nielsen Korea paid furniture), which is gaining popularity.

However, this is not the first time that there has been an information error in a history-related entertainment program in which Seol Min-suk became a speaker.

In the meantime, since I have been giving lectures based on Korean history, there have been no major errors that can be talked about in the public, but this program tends to stand out more in terms of content as it is based on world history rather than my main major.

After graduating from Dankook University's Department of Theater and Film, Seol Min-seok received a master's degree in History Education from Yonsei University's Graduate School of Education. He has taught Korean history online since 2002 and is called the first generation of online lectures.

Meanwhile, Seol Min-seok and tvN are not making an official position on this controversy.

(Photo = tvN capture, Yonhap News)