[Art Review] What a "net celebrity" should look like

  "Tomorrow, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes."

  When the art master Andy Warhol said this, it was half a century ago, without the Internet, without smartphones, but he was indeed sharp enough to accurately predict our current era.

  This is an era when everyone can speak but feel weak. There is noisy voices, "net celebrities" are flooding, hot spots are endless, but they are fleeting.

15 minutes may be the time to change from an ordinary person to a celebrity, or it may be the time for a celebrity to return to an ordinary person.

  So there are so many "net celebrities", everyone actually doesn't take it that seriously, let them fend for themselves.

The key problem is that some netizens are too good at fighting right now and dare to do anything.

Once the blog is out of place and there is traffic, the food will naturally not look good.

When there are so many “net celebrities” like this, it is inevitable that problems will inevitably occur.

  For example, the so-called "Mabao National Fever" and the so-called "Mouse Tail Juice", I really don't see what is interesting.

So many people watch, talk, and even do all kinds of marketing with relish, in fact, by the way, the basic aesthetics of this society is lowered.

  After reading this, I felt a little relieved to see the full screen of "Ding Zhen Hot" a while ago.

Both are "net celebrities" and are also popular by their appearance. "Sweet Wild Boys" are at least natural, beauty in innocence, beauty in purity, and beauty in the original ecology.

Such an aesthetic is a "reactional" and correction of the deformed aesthetic of the past, and it is also a normal and natural return.

  Because it is scarce, it is precious.

Ding Zhen's popularity is not only the victory of Ding Zhen and Litang, but also the victory of normal social aesthetics.

  Ding Zhen's beauty lies not only in his truthfulness and purity, but also in the positive energy overflowing from him.

After the popularity, Ding Zhen did not choose to realize the flow, but spoke for his hometown, served his hometown tourism and poverty alleviation, and further studied and enriched himself. Such a sunny mentality of loving life, loving his hometown, and positive is how rare and why precious!

  Almost at the same time as Ding Zhen became popular is "CCTV's most beautiful post-90s female reporter" Wang Bingbing.

In September of this year, she reported on the first issue of the new "Happy Grass" video that is resistant to stepping on lawns. At present, the number of views on station B is as high as 5.48 million, which is why netizens jokingly call "CCTV ratings password".

  If Ding is really "a city on fire by one person," then Wang Bingbing has succeeded in making countless young netizens fall in love with watching news on his own.

  What's interesting is that after Wang Bingbing became popular, instead of being complacent, she appeared frightened, "I don't think I have any strengths. Suddenly I was very flattered, very scared, and felt I could not afford it." She has been very low-key since becoming popular for 4 months. Apart from appearing in a normal interview as a CCTV reporter, he has never accepted any personal interview.

Even her personal Weibo was opened after the strong request of the CCTV official Weibo.

At present, the number of blog posts is only single digits, and all posts are related to work.

  After the overnight hit, Ding Zhen didn't change the low-key of Chu Xin and Wang Bingbing, instead of diminishing his personal charm, it made them emit a different light.

Because of their self-confidence, professionalism and dedication, they have magnified their appearance and charm.

This is even more convincing that the two people's popularity is not only because of their good-looking faces, but because of their seriousness, hard work, selfless work, and love of life in their respective fields, which is particularly moving.

  Needless to say, this is what the "net celebrity" should look like.

  Perhaps we have seen too many weird "famous in 15 minutes" and an overnight hit, too familiar with the routine of "heat-fishing for gold-overturning-disappearing". People seem to have an inexplicable stereotype of "net celebrity". But in fact, "net celebrities" have no original sin, and "net celebrities" can also become guardians of truth, goodness and beauty, and broadcasters of positive energy.

Ding Zhen and Wang Bingbing, who started with their appearance, are like this, and Yuan Longping, Zhong Nanshan, and Li Ziqi, who have little to do with their appearance, are not the case.

  They become "net celebrities" and never deliberately, but only if they do not deliberately, can they be more real and moving; they come from ordinary life, but they are also strugglers, creators, and devotees of a better life. Of course, such "net celebrities" It is precious and will be more vital.

  With more such “net celebrities”, we will have a better world and public opinion ecology, so that everyone can not learn from fame, not anxious about heat, work happily, enjoy life, and do well in the ordinary world That unique self.

The so-called life is beautiful, it is nothing more than that.

  Liu Yingyu