Maison Mizensir's hydroalcoholic solution comes in five scents: ginger, orange blossom, fig tree, bergamot and oud.


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  • Santa Claus, despite his canonical age, will be able to bring gifts on the night of December 24 to 25.

  • “I'm going to put everything I need to protect myself in my hood,” he said.

  • Here is his list of gifts that you would probably never have thought of without the onset of the pandemic.

Excellent news in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic!

Santa Claus, despite his canonical age, will be able to bring gifts on the night of December 24 to 25.

"I can tell you that Santa Claus is immune to this virus", informed this Monday Maria van Kerkhove, responsible for supervising the management of the pandemic at the WHO (World Health Organization), indicating that she had had a brief interview with the latter.

"He is doing very well, Ms. Noël is also doing very well, and they are very busy now," reassured the scientist.

Despite his busy schedule,

20 Minutes

was able to speak with him briefly.

"As the common people have not yet the chance to be immune like me against this damn virus, I will put in my hood everything necessary to protect themselves", assured Santa Claus.

He gave us the list of gifts you would probably never have thought of without the onset of the pandemic.



for the lunch at Covid-19 and its consequences!

A personalized mask

The ultimate trendy gift for this Christmas 2020 is undoubtedly the fabric mask.

They are now found in all styles and at all prices.

The most expensive in the world was custom made by Israeli jewelry brand Yvel for a Chinese billionaire.

With its 250 grams of pure 18-carat gold and some 3,600 diamonds, it is worth $ 1.5 million, according to information from

Madame Figaro


Fortunately, the models of Mon masque de France are much more accessible.

The Hauts-de-France brand uses textiles made in Italy by Albini Group, which uses in its fabric production a certified antibacterial and antivirus treatment, washable thirty times at 40 ° in short cycle, the Viroformula.

In 100% linen or cotton, these masks are hand-sewn in France and are available in a large number of models (from 9.50 euros for the child model to 19.50 euros for L'Exclusif).

My mask of France also offers masks to personalize (from 11 to 16 euros): everyone can choose the shape, the color, that of their elastic, and write the message of their choice by screen printing.

You can complete the anti-Covid range with pouches for masks (15 euros).

An anti-fog kit

No more hassle of glasses that keep misting up when wearing a mask!

The Zeiss brand offers an anti-fog kit (9.90 euros, in partner optician stores) consisting of a spray and a microfiber cloth.

The spray deposits a thin hydrophilic film on the lenses which will prevent fogging of the glasses.

The specific microfiber cloth allows glasses to be dried more effectively than a conventional cloth.

A perfumed hydroalcoholic gel

Fed up with the smell of hydroalcoholic gel on your hands?

Master perfumer Alberto Morillas has developed a perfumed disinfectant in gel form.

Developed according to the formula of Doctor Pittet, and shared with the World Health Organization, this hydro-alcoholic solution from Maison Mizensir delicately scented comes in five scents: ginger, orange blossom, fig tree, bergamot and oud.

(From 15 to 80 euros depending on the capacity).

Enough to respect the sanitary instructions while maintaining a certain elegance!

A hydroalcoholic gel dispenser bracelet

The good barrier zest!

The Citron Bracelet (14.90 euros) is a clever bracelet dispensing hydroalcoholic gel, which owes its name to its small rounded back that you squeeze like a lemon.

The ideal way to get around with the guarantee of being able to disinfect your hands at any time without risking having your bottle of gel running in your purse or pockets.

An anti-crisis gift

The Save Your Business platform is selling Christmas gift cards worth 20, 50 or 100 euros to support shops forced to close the curtain during confinement.

While cultural venues are still closed, it is now possible to offer tickets for a concert or a virtual show to follow live from your living room.

On the ticket, a connection address and a code to access it.

A good way to support so-called “non-essential” sectors!

UV sterilizer

To say goodbye to bacteria, germs and other viruses!

UV lights are effective in fighting Covid-19.

This technology is used to disinfect on a large scale in public places, factories and hospitals.

(One of these machines is also Dr. Bailey's new best friend in the new season of

Grey's Anatomy

) For the general public, many brands (like Belkin, 69.90 euros), are developing small UV sterilizers to disinfect these small nests microbes that are our everyday objects such as our smartphones, keys and bank cards.

A book for traveling in France

Between the mandatory quarantines and the borders simply closed, unless once again you have a derogation like Santa Claus, the least restrictive destination for movement and travel is probably France.

While waiting for international trips to resume normally,

Our 1,200 favorites in France

, a beautiful book published by Le Routard (21.90 euros), offers 1,200 ideas for trips on French territory.

The opportunity to (re) discover our beautiful country!


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