Accompanied him to leave the original world Litang County Cultural Tourism Sports Investment Company manager and became a personal teacher

Popularity for a month from Ding Zhen to "Little Horse Run No. 1"

  Media reports

  It has been a month since Ding Zhen became popular.

Ding Zhen told Gao Xiaoping that he was worried that no one would release the cattle at home.

  Although feeling helpless, as the two most personal teachers in Ding Zhen's current life, Du Dong, general manager of Litang County Cultural Tourism and Sports Investment Development Co., Ltd., and Gao Xiaoping, deputy general manager, had to continue to "cut off" Ding Zhen and him. The original connection with the life of highland herders led him to a completely unknown world.

  They set Ding Zhen’s Weibo self-introduction as "Little Horse Run First", and they have the spirit of exploration. Facing the popularity of this teenager, it is inevitable to get entangled and confused, but they hope that Ding Zhen will be the first. Farther world.

  Will Ding Zhen stay protected?

  I hope I can put it as much as possible, but I can’t put it now

  Deep once: When do you think the "protective hand" behind Ding Zhen can be put down?

  Du Dong: I hope to release as much as possible, but I can't release it now.

I believe in Ding Zhen's own power.

We may be overwhelmed by these flows. Did Ding Zhen do these things?

He didn't.

Did he know he became so popular?

He knows.

I believe that Ding Zhen has certain inherent qualities.

  Deep once: For Ding Zhen, is he completely separated from his original living environment?

  Du Dong: Not yet.

  Deep once: But he can’t ask his parents if I want to pick up the filming. He can’t do that, right?

  Du Dong: He has us, and we play the role of some parents.

But this is impossible in the long run. This road is a road no one has walked.

I haven't seen any previous celebrities or internet celebrities like Ding Zhen.

This thing is very similar to "The World of Trumen", "The World of Trumen" is protected, but our protection is limited in how Ding Zhen takes the road ahead.

Because we can't do everything, we still have to believe in his own culture, his accumulated personality, and his inner strength.

  Deep once: Do you have an expectation, when will Ding Zhen's "protective hand" slowly withdraw?

  Du Dong: This is not my expectation, it is a function.

It depends on many factors.

Our thoughts, Ding Zhen's own thoughts, changes in the overall situation, and the speed of learning are really not something we can decide.

But I hope that the first step, at least the first step, is that Ding Zhen must clearly distinguish the difference between him as a social person and as himself, and draw a line. At present, I think this line is still very important.

  Deep once: How do you ask him to do this?

How to do it?

  Du Dong: For example, he would know that sometimes he has to take pictures, and everyone likes him, that's no problem.

But he must have his own space and his own time, get along with his own friends, do his own things, don't turn everything into a show, he must have his own things.

For example, if he wants to play games, he will play games. No one will tell you that this thing is not good. Don't be like this.

Otherwise, he will collapse.

  We are trying to establish a set of his timetable this month, so that he can be regular, otherwise he will have problems.

But this timetable will still fluctuate, because many things are too powerful, and they are pouring in at the same time, unable to deal with this problem.

In fact, our own timetable is no longer good. I dream of doing it all.

  Deep once: His current job responsibility as an employee of a state-owned enterprise is a tourism ambassador, right?

  Du Dong: Now it is a "dual identity", I don't think this part is clearly divided.

  Deep once: You watch people from Sichuan TV station come over and start a concert right away. Isn't this a kind of performance as a star?

  Du Dong: It's difficult.

Comparingly, can I hold this scene?

If I can't hold it, there will be many problems.

  Deep once: So, his future development plan is both a star and a tourism ambassador?

  Du Dong: We can't decide his future.

We are clearing his roadblocks, opening some windows, letting some sunlight in, some wind in, and of course rain and storms may also come in, but we try to keep these under control so that he can learn something.

  Deep once: At what time does he rest every day?

  Du Dong: I can still guarantee a rest, and I didn't rush him too much.

It would be terrible if there is no guarantee of rest.

Recently, we often have breakfast together. I don’t want him to be treated as a tool by us, because I’m very busy and Teacher Gao is also very busy. We don’t have much time, but we try to make sure to do something with him. It makes him feel less lonely and less used as a "tool man".

  Whose Ding Zhen is Ding Zhen?

  He is the chosen son of heaven, and he also has the opportunity of Litang

  Deep once: Have you started to slowly teach him some ways to face the media?

  Du Dong: I will. Maybe I don't need me to tell him. I'm not a professional. I can teach him English and I can teach him literature.

But I am not the most suitable person.

He is at a very special time now. Teacher Gao, Tu Deng, and I have to take on this thing, but maybe someone more professional than us will do it in the future, and it will be better.

  Deep once: Does Ding Zhen have many teachers now?

  Du Dong: Just the three of us, me, Teacher Gao, and Tudeng (Ding Zhen Tibetan teacher and assistant). Tudeng is very good at Chinese. He is a Tibetan medicine student and has a very good education background.

Why did the three of us teach him?

I still want to create a family atmosphere, don't overdo it, or it will be very stressful.

We may gradually find some local people who have a good relationship with him, or even relatives to teach him. This is also very good.

But at the same time let him get familiar with the company's environment gradually.

Tell him about company performance and systems. He must get used to it slowly. If it is too fast, he will really become depressed.

  Deep once: Can you describe what Ding Zhen's day is like now?

  Du Dong: We once successfully established a system for shooting in the morning, training in the afternoon, and rest at night, but sometimes it cannot be guaranteed.

For example, the team from Beijing can sometimes shoot things that are very good to him and improve him, but it cannot guarantee the training in the afternoon.

How to do?

Now we are also in pain, because many times we do not have the ability to choose.

  Deep once: Can't you decide Ding Zhen's daily life?

  Du Dong: His daily life is usually organized by different forces.

There is the power of the market-the three of us; there is the power of non-profit organizations; there is the government, he represents his hometown to some extent, and represents his background culture.

Therefore, he is "enduring" multiple identities.

  Deep once: What do you expect from him?

  Du Dong: From his market and personal perspective, he should become a more attractive person, not just a thin puppet.

But this is our idea.

His personal thoughts may be to be more stable, more comfortable, to earn more money for the family, but to be more peaceful.

So his current situation is torn by several forces, let alone tearing, being positioned at the same time.

This is why I feel like I can't miss anything now.

This kind of thing itself is impossible to break the game, Ding Zhen himself must stand up.

  Deep once: Well, he has to have his own ideas.

  Du Dong: Yes, no one can replace his will.

I have always been very wary of my own thoughts about him, but my thoughts are not his thoughts, I cannot replace his thoughts, he must have his own thoughts.

If one day he doesn't want to represent the government, the company, or the culture, he wants to go back to be a herder.

  Deep once: Do you want him to try more and expose more?

  Du Dong: I hope he will follow his own ideas.

But our pressure is that we hope not to delay him.

Now we play the role of some kind of guardian. In this case, we are responsible. Our responsibility is the responsibility of both parties. The first one is the responsibility to Ding Zhen: Don't leave this son of heaven and end up in obscurity.

The second is that Litang’s opportunity should not be mispaid by us.

  Deep once: I don’t think Ding Zhen is on the hot search today, and the rate of fan rise has slowed down recently. Are you worried?

  Du Dong: I think it is Ding Zhen who needs to finalize the shape as soon as possible.

But his personal wishes have not yet grown up.

We have to make him think and train him to think, just like I asked Ding Zhen what he wants to eat today, in fact, I can also specify, eat hot pot, and go together.

But I still have to ask him, just start with small things.

He has a lot of cards to play, to fight poverty, and to contribute to his hometown; the company has a lot of cards, your future, your future, your possibilities, the education I give you, and the opportunity cost; there are many cards at home, filial piety Not filial?

What about the family?

Time to spend with family and so on.

Ding Zhen himself has only one card-Ding Zhen himself. This is the trump card. Whether it is the expectation of his family, the expectation of the government, or the expectation of me, it is not as good as what he wants.

  Deep once: But the cultivation of personal will takes a long time.

  Du Dong: It will take some time.

I quite hope that everyone will continue to pay attention to him, not as an idol, not as a celebrity, but as an ordinary person, to see how he changes in 5 years.

To tell you an interesting thing, I think Hu Bo is quite thoughtful, the photographer who photographed Dingzhen.

Someone interviewed him and asked what he brought to Ding Zhen?

He said it brought a little scar.

I feel very right.

This is not only a scar, it is a crack.

A big rift with the past self.

Either I, Teacher Gao, or Tudeng, we still want to coach him, that is to further cut the connection between him and his original life.

  Gao Xiaoping: I'm doing work for him.

Ding Zhen said, there is no one to release the cows in the house. I have been out for so long now.

I said, you tell people in your family that you come out to make money, not to play.

He said that he thought about going back to the original world.

I said, I am here, and my brother told you that he can't go back.

After you went back, your villagers looked at you differently. The environment had changed, but he still couldn't think of this.

I will show him the example of Zhu Zhiwen, my big-coat brother. He doesn't know who Zhu Zhiwen is.

  Where will the pony go in the future?

  Run first and see the world farther away

  Deep once: Is now also trying to make him feel more?

  Du Dong: We are trying to find a way to maintain a balance-don't mess up his own account, don't mess up his work image, and don't mess up Litang tourism by us.

Then, his own mentality must remain stable, and the government needs he needs to meet...

  Gao Xiaoping: The heat cannot be lowered too low, just...

  Deep once: Ding Zhen has indeed brought a lot of fame to Litang now, how do you plan to keep the popularity of Litang?

  Du Dong: Ding Zhen brings many opportunities. This kind of opportunity is what we dreamed of before. For example, I wanted to find a car company to cooperate. Maybe we are looking for various internal relationships, and the brand may not play with you.

I said Litang, where did they say Litang?

Now this kind of opportunity has come, but the problem is weighing heavily on us and the government.

Can we run Ding Zhen well?

Can the government operate and make good use of these flows and resources?

The pressure is great.

Now it is, a beam of light is shining on Litang's body, but I don't want some fame to be left in the end, I hope to keep some real things.

Ding Zhen had done enough, and he let the light in.

The rest should be done by us.

  Deep once: Now he can't shoot in the morning, study in the afternoon, and rest at night, right?

  Du Dong: Learning has been learning songs recently, there is no way to learn for him.

Yesterday the Jet Lag team also came and dragged him to Genie (Snow Mountain), stayed there for another night, and brought him back this morning.

  Deep once: He should be very happy to return to Gne, right?

  Gao Xiaoping: It should be, I haven't met him today.

Now I'm going to participate in the New Year's Eve concert on Sichuan TV Station, and I want to sing again. I sing in the afternoon and evening. He seems to be learning three songs.

"Litang on Horseback", "White Crane" and "Litang Praise".

  Deep once: Does Ding Zhen still have a music teacher?

  Gao Xiaoping: That is only temporary. I would really appreciate it if we can be assigned a music teacher for a long time.

He also wants to learn to paint.

But painting can't make it to the stage.

  Deep once: Do you think he is an idol?

  Gao Xiaoping: Originally it was not an idol, but I feel a bit similar now.

Because I don't engage in circumstantialization, I have even issued a statement that I will not engage in circumstantialization.

But fans scolded me, because if Ding Zhen wants to continue his fire, he needs a meal circle. You just need to do it well. He needs a fan group to care for him and love him.

Only those diehard fans will buy his peripheral cultural and creative products and come to his place to check in.

To some extent, Ding is really a breeding idol.

So we talked about it at the beginning, go to the development department.

  Deep once: What is the summer in Litang envisaged next year?

  Du Dong: Time is tight.

There are several things to be solved in Litang: What about accommodation?

What about traffic?

What about the hardware?

What about the bathroom?

What about the guide?

Who will run Gnei's tourism products?

I am very worried.

I would like to appeal to one point. The most lacking thing in Litang is talents. There is a shortage of talents, such as tourism talents and service talents.

Many things need people to do, how do public relations services do?

How to promote?

How to do finance?

How can I spend this money?

How to connect resources?

I hope that Litang can be turned into a pilot, a national tourism pilot. This situation may have never been experienced in Litang. I hope that there will be no problems next year.

  Deep once: You just talked about the explainer, will Ding Zhen explain next year?

  Du Dong: Why not?

But he may not really have so much time to explain, I suspect he may really not have enough time.

  Deep once: From your personal point of view, what do you think is best for Ding Zhen in the future?

  Du Dong: The most ideal is an explorer.

I don't think he is particularly interested in singing and dancing. He doesn't have the desire to show off, or the momentum to fight to the end, at least not for the time being.

But he has a kind of resilience, an affinity for nature, and a desire for knowledge. He is also interested in sports and is careful enough.

(This allows him) to take risks, to explore new worlds, to be an exploration pioneer.

  Gao Xiaoping: I think it's quite satisfactory-charity ambassador. We didn't have any cooperation with the United Nations. I think that can be done. I think he should be an ambassador.

  Deep once: Do you think Ding Zhen has the possibility of filming in the future?

If you have a good script, will you let him try it?

  Du Dong: Why not?

At that time, it depends on whether he wants to.

It can also allow him to touch very different things, such as nuclear fusion engines, sitting in tanks, which is so cool.

The straight man's heart melted.

No idol does this kind of thing, this is exploration.

Why did I set his Weibo self-introduction to "pony running first"? There is also a spirit of exploration, running first, yes, to see the world farther.

  Deep once: This Spring Festival holiday, where is "Little Horse" going?

  Du Dong: This Spring Festival is out of play, he wants to broadcast something.

But if he wants to run, I want to take him to see the sea.

After the live broadcast, I took him to the beach and did nothing. Let him see that this is the sea, and then teach him how to swim. He can't do it alone. I took a group of children to learn to swim together.

  Text/Reporter Yan Xingyue

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