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Breast Institute

  • The Breast Institute of the Santa Maria polyclinque in Nice is offering a new genetic test to assess the risk of developing cancer within five years.

  • Depending on the result, the doctors suggest a screening frequency adapted to the profile of each patient.

What risk do I have of one day developing breast cancer?

While nearly 60,000 cases are diagnosed each year in France, and 12,000 women die from it, the question has enough to bother more than one woman.

In the premises of the Santa Maria polyclinic, the Nice Breast Institute performs nearly 6,000 screenings per year.

And has been offering, for three months, a risk test based on DNA developed by the company Predilife.

"It works with a genetic saliva test, a bit like the Covid-19 test but with a sample from the mouth," explains Dr. Bruno Borens, radiologist and senologist, founder of the Breast Institute.

It is sent to the Institut Curie in Paris and allows the detection of around a hundred DNA variations which statistically indicate the risk of breast cancer.


350 euros not reimbursed by the Social Security

The score obtained is then associated with the results of a clinical data questionnaire (age, family history, etc.) and a conventional mammogram.

“The Mammorisk will allow us to calculate the risk of breast cancer at five years.

Depending on the result, the ideal screening frequency is determined with the patient, ”explains the doctor.

Because the issue is the early detection.

The earlier a tumor is treated, the greater the chances of recovery.

However, of the 59,000 cases detected per year in France, nearly half are diagnosed at an already advanced stage.

The protocol proposed at the Breast Institute aims to detect tumors as early as possible, but also to adapt the frequency of preventive screening according to the assessed risk.

Maximum personalized care at a cost: 350 euros, not reimbursed by Social Security to perform the genetic test.


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