I don’t want to be left behind

Children don’t stand by

  Want to connect to the Internet but never play with mobile phones, worry about risks but don't trust mobile payments, want to access rich content but don't know how to operate APP... Many silver-haired people encounter many inconveniences when trying to participate in the colorful online life.

Recently, mobile phone manufacturers have launched a 5G smart phone "time machine" designed for elders, which can be connected to children's mobile phones remotely; the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is screening a number of websites and mobile apps that are closely related to the lives of the elderly and mobilize them to adapt to aging , The "blocking points" for the elderly to access the Internet are decreasing.

  The customized version of the family mobile phone is online

  Can take over parents' mobile phones remotely

  "My dad asked me dozens of times for the same function." Citizen Ms. Cai said that her father, Lao Cai, often uses Alipay and other Internet payment tools to shop online, but after using it, he always wants to bind the bank The card was untied, so every time Lao Cai called her daughter.

"Girl, where is the button to unbind, I can't find it again."

  Many basic operations that can't be simpler in the eyes of young people are precisely the biggest problems of old people when using mobile phones.

A survey report on the use of smart phones for the elderly shows that application use and functional operation are the biggest obstacles for elderly users to use smart phones, accounting for 46.7%.

Mobile phone system setup and maintenance, and APP downloading are obstacles that more than 30% of elderly people encounter when using smartphones.

  To solve this problem, earlier this month, a number of mobile phone manufacturers launched a 5G smart phone "time machine" designed for elders.

This mobile phone can be bound to the child's mobile phone through the APP. After binding, the child can take over the elderly's mobile phone through the remote desktop "remote control".

After the elderly sends a "help" request to their children, the children can remotely control their parents' mobile phones on their mobile phones to help parents set up their phones and solve problems.

  However, there are still a small number of family-friendly mobile phone brands that implement similar functions. According to incomplete statistics, some models of mobile phone manufacturers such as ZTE, Huawei, and Xiaomi have this type of function, and it is difficult for Apple mobile phones to realize it.

  Bank launches old version APP

  The large print interface is very friendly

  "I heard from my daughter, now that the inter-bank transfer is free, why did you still charge me 15 yuan?" Aunt Li recently went to the bank ATM near her home to transfer tens of thousands of yuan to a relative from outside. When checking the details She discovered that she was charged more than ten yuan of inter-bank transfer fees.

  "Auntie, only inter-bank transfers using online banking are free. Transfers at the counter and ATM machines are all charged." Aunt Li was depressed by the bank staff's answer: "This mobile banking character is too small, and there are too many messy contents. It’s about buying money and things. What if I accidentally make a mistake?"

  In order to alleviate the pain points of the elderly in using online banking, in recent years, major banks have successively launched large print or elderly version of mobile banking pages.

In the large print version of CCB Mobile Banking, the homepage highlights the functions commonly used by the elderly, such as account inquiry, transfer, credit card, mobile banking, and party dues, in large fonts, while other functions are hidden.

In the "Happy Life" mobile banking interface developed by ICBC for the elderly, the font size of the page has been significantly increased, and the recognition and operation sensitivity will also be improved.

In addition, the elderly can use voice to search for corresponding functions in the APP, and the APP will also use voice reading to give reminders at key transaction nodes.

  Nearly 100 websites and mobile apps

  Will be modified for ageing

  The "Research Report on the Internet Life of the Middle-aged and Elderly" shows that even middle-aged and elderly netizens who frequently go online have their online activities mostly stuck in web news, WeChat, short videos and other low-operability software.

Among middle-aged and elderly users, 75.8% would read news and information online, 45.9% would pay attention to articles on WeChat official accounts, 51.5% would use mobile payment, 33.1% would use mobile navigation, 25.8% would use taxi services, other types of applications Here, there are fewer and fewer elderly people.

  According to the person in charge of the Information and Communication Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is screening a batch of nearly 100 Internet websites and mobile phones in multiple categories, such as news media, e-commerce, financial services, life entertainment, online shopping, and government service platforms that are closely related to the lives of the elderly. APP, mobilize these websites and APPs to adapt to aging and information barrier-free transformation.

In response to the specific needs of the elderly, the website and mobile APP will try their best to consider the obstacles and difficulties of the elderly in terms of vision and hearing in terms of font size, font color, voice reading, temporary pop-up windows, and text input prompts, and help them Receive information more easily.

  Reporter's Notes

  Kids, it’s time to "digitally feed back"

  Nowadays, many apps have launched suitable old versions.

Take Didi’s “care function” as an example. Children only need to help the elderly turn on this mode in advance and set up several frequently used addresses in advance.

When the elderly use the car, open the APP and it will automatically enter the elderly interface with a simple interface and an enlarged font size.

The elderly can directly call a car by clicking on one of the frequently used addresses without having to select a car model or enter an address.

If the elderly does not have a payment account, the children can also set up a "payment by relatives and friends" for the elderly in advance, and the children can pay directly after the elderly's trip.

  However, during the interview, the reporter found that even if the taxi app is installed on the mobile phone, many elderly people have not traveled in this way and are still used to using the traditional way of calling taxis.

The same situation exists in some elderly people who have experience in using other types of mobile apps such as mobile online banking.

  How to make the elderly gradually familiar with the operation of the mobile APP?

It is the children who need to take a step forward.

Spend more time and thoughts, and repeatedly guide the elderly to practice the operation of the mobile phone APP, and eliminate the rejection psychology, so that they will not be left behind in the intelligent era of the speed of light.

Our reporter Sun Qiru