After "Sweet Wild Boy" Ding Zhen became popular, other villages in his hometown will build "Cangyang Study Room"

  West China Metropolis Daily-cover news reporter Liao Xiu

  On November 25, a travel promotional film "The World of Ding Zhen" swept the Internet.

In the video, the Tibetan guy Ding Zhen rode his horse and galloped on the snow-capped grassland. His smile was innocent and handsome, and he quickly captured countless netizens. Netizens commented, "Just watch it dozens of times."

  After the popularity of the whole network, the topic "How hard did Sichuan work for Ding Zhen" and "Ding Zhen’s skin color and hot dry noodles" made the top search lists on Ding Zhen’s Weibo. So far, it has been on the top 28 Weibo search lists. Times.

  On December 2, at the Kham Museum in Litang County, a reporter from the West China Metropolis Daily and cover news interviewed Ding Zhen.

After returning home from Chengdu, he is still not used to facing the camera, scratching his nose from time to time, revealing a shy smile.

It wasn't until the mention of Pearl Pony that his eyes flashed a little, "I haven't seen pearls for almost half a month. I used to see them every day, and I really miss them."

study hard

I hope I can understand the fan comments in the future

  After becoming popular, Ding Zhen became busy.

  On November 26, the Litang Tourism Promotion Conference was held in Chengdu. Ding Zhen came to the scene as a "tourism ambassador". Although he only appeared for 27 seconds, he only said "Welcome everyone to Litang to play", which still became a concern focus.

  The media flooded into Litang County.

On December 2nd, in an exclusive interview with West China Metropolis Daily and Cover News, Ding Zhen introduced that his hometown had no internet and a decent road five years ago... After these five years of development, now his hometown has used the internet and the road is also Well, the water is here, and the electrical equipment is much better than before. At the age of 17, Ding Zhen also used a smart phone.

  Compared with the popularity before and after, Ding Zhen thinks that his biggest gain is to go out of his hometown and go to Chengdu.

What impressed him most in Chengdu were the haunted houses in the amusement park and various roller coasters. "I had a great time. I also like the zoo, where I saw a lot of animals that I had never seen before."

  Now, many fans leave messages to him on social network platforms, hoping that he will become a unique "net celebrity". Ding Zhen will spend one to two hours a day to learn Chinese.

He mentioned that now his Chinese level is not high, and some Chinese characters cannot be understood.

In the future, I want to work hard to improve my Chinese, understand the comments of fans, and introduce Litang to everyone.

Fan blessing

"May Ding Zhen and Litang be well"

  In the Cangyang Gyatso Miniature Museum, thousands of express delivery items are neatly stacked in the study room, forming several hills.

  "These are not all gifts for Ding Zhen." The staff explained that in August this year, the museum's official Weibo had issued a book donation proposal, saying that a public welfare Cangyang study room was built near the museum to provide a youth in the village. The place for reading and writing is now built, but there is still a lack of books, so all walks of life are urged to donate books to the Cangyang Study, light up the lights in the study, enrich the books on the shelves, and let the children travel in the ocean of knowledge.

  "After the initiative was issued, some people started donating books, but the amount was not large." The staff said that after Ding Zhen became popular, fans learned that he used to work as a guide in this museum and sent more books to Litang.

  Every day, a steady stream of couriers from all over the country are sent here, and Ding Zhen’s colleagues have become courier porters.

A female colleague smiled and said, “I take hundreds of express items every day, and my hands are worn out. I have to come back for Ding Zhen to treat me.”

  The staff mentioned that Litang County will build Cangyang study rooms in other villages in the future, so that children in the village will have places to read and write homework, and there will be volunteers for counseling.

At the same time, books sent by fans will be requisitioned so that more children can read.

Fans sent express delivery and also sent blessings.

On one of the packages, a few words were written crookedly-"May Ding Zhen and Litang be well."

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