Jeon Su-min revealed her husband's flex.

On the 13th aired on the 13th, SBS'My Ugly Cub' (hereinafter referred to as'Miwoo Bird') depicts Kim Hee-cheol who visited the house of Kim Kyung-jin and Jeon Su-min.

On that day's broadcast, Kim Hee-cheol and Sang-ryul Sang visited the couple's house.

While having a good time eating, Sang-Ryeol Ji asked Kim Kyung-jin and his wife if they would have a couple fight.

In response, Jeon Soo-min said, "It's a salty stone to be my brother."

Then, Sang-Ryeol and Kim Hee-cheol were surprised, saying, "It can't be that way. You use it properly when you write it."

Jeon Soo-min said, "If you want to drink dessert or coffee after eating, you will notice that it is a little wasteful," and "I ask you to drink coffee at a convenience store."

In addition, Jeon Soo-min explained, "At first, I bought beef with natural wine, and then let's go to the snack bar. Let's eat jajangmyeon or soup."

Kim Kyung-jin also said, "If you first started with T-bone steak, now it's bone haejangguk."

And Jeon Su-min surprised everyone by saying, "But there are good things to save," and "I made a house in front of my name a month before the wedding."

Hee-cheol Kim admired, "This is Flex," and Gyeong-jin Kim was proud to say "Flex properly."

Jeon Soo-min explained, "Suddenly, Sumin-a, I took him to the real estate and signed it and made me sign a contract immediately. I was surprised that he was such a man, and when he does it, he does it."

Seeing this, Movengers said, "I have to clap. I did the biggest thing. If that's the case, it's okay to be a salty doll," and said, "It looks different to buy a house for my wife." 

(Editor of SBS Entertainment News Kim Hyo-jeong)