When he was a morning broadcast DJ on CBS Radio, he was near the company and often met him in the distance.

Of course, one-sided observation.

There were many times when he made a laugh, a trademark of the trademark, but sometimes when I walked alone, I could see a lonely and blunt face.

Still, being able to see him like that from time to time helped me for some reason.

As Ha-moon Cho sang (original song is Jeong-seon Lee), the feeling of "I love just the thought of living under the same sky."

Famous and unknown, he was and is still a star to me.

But four years ago, he, Han Dae-soo, suddenly left for New York.

I was sad.

(The expression he often uses. He is not the style of saying “I feel sorry for it.” He simply says “seulpayo” in a pronunciation mixed with Gyeongsang-do dialect.) The fact that he left this land.

Han Dae-soo is an artist of life, a philosopher of everyday life, and above all, he is a life, life, and person who does not mind physical labor for food.

Sometimes a song is a poem.

It is also because the lyrics are not prose, and because the lyrics are well-written, because metaphors and symbols are abundant.

Songs that are more beautiful than poetry are embedded in Korean popular music history like Oh Sun-ji's notes.

Among them, Han Dae-soo's song shines especially.

(So, it turns out that Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize for Literature in his lyrics! Dae-soo Han is a folk singer like Bob Dylan)

Dr. Han Dae-soo came back briefly from New York through the corona.

It is to release the 15th album, which was declared the last album in his 45 years of music life.

Listening to the released album, I am amazed again at Han Dae-soo's musical spectrum and talent, including folk and folk rock as well as <Money Honey>, which exudes the smell of fusion jazz. It's a bout.

He does not miss the times and news, and utters witty lyrics.

(However, another teacher Let the voice can not be separated from the song)

even Pray Love Let hate and rally

Put your mask Put your mask

after eating jajangmyeon before Starbucks

Put your mask Put your mask

is love're deulkyeot wife is You run away, but

wear a mask

Wear a

mask Wear a mask

before you fail and cry on the first night of the bride and groom

Wear a mask When you

take a picture of azalea flowers and rejoice, still

wear a mask Wear a mask Wear a mask


you go

to court.

Put the

developed countries, Seoul sludge in the backward countries in New York

I wrote a mask, I also wrote all of the masks

... (omitted)

Put your mask, put the mask,

put the mask Put your mask

Corona go away Corona go away

What a difficult horse ?

Are there any words you don't understand?

(Even English is easy) So is it childish?


Here comes HahnDaeSoo again!

If you look at the lyrics apart, you can say, "What is this?"

You may want to, but you have to listen to the teacher's unique voice color, beat, and rhythm to feel my taste.

I recommend that you listen.

The highest peak in the lyrics of Korean pop songs that I pick is "You are not me. Memories are written differently." Dong-ik Jo, who chanted "Would it be?", like <To Mother and the Cathedral> from the album <Tokyo>.

It is different to dismiss that these songs are just lyrics of popular songs.

Almost poetic.

However, Han Dae-soo’s lyrics have a frank, straightforward, wild and philosophical taste, different from the two lyrics above, which elaborately elaborate on delicate emotions and situations.

Long ago, while making a documentary called ``People Who Dreams of a New World'', I wrote ``To the Land of Happiness'' by Han Dae-soo as a BGM.

While editing this song, which opened up the history of Korean folk by saying, "Roll the curtain," I felt like tears would fall for some reason.

Even though'breeze','grass field', and'land of happiness' appear.

Roll up the veil


open the

world with my narrow eyes

Open the window


feel the dancing breeze once again Let

me walk on the light meadow I want to

hear the spring and the birds I want to

cry and laugh I want


cry and laugh Touch my heart

I am happy

Let's go to the country of happiness


(omitted) The wilderness is wide, the sky is blue

, let's all go to the country of happiness

. The famous song <Wind and Me> from the same album is also a song that you suddenly want to hear when you travel suddenly All.


The endless wind

blows between the leaves on the steep mountain

Ah~ The wind of freedom

You're dancing like a wave across that hill


No room.


I want to live the same life as you.


can't believe that 18-year-old Han Dae-soo made these songs.

The song written by Dae-soo Han in his life is worth reading alone enough to appear in the book <Love is Love, Life is Life-Han Dae-soo's Music and Life as Lyrics>.

There aren't any difficult words, but after hearing them all, I reflect on who I am.

Also, the attractiveness of Han Dae-soo's lyrics is that they slightly deviate from grammar and usage.

I have lived across Seoul, Busan, and New York and wondered if I had no choice but to be weak in spelling and vocabulary, but the pleasure of breaking down the path and frame of language is Korea's first hippie and the last hippie.

It's a blasphemous word, but this grandfather who sings, "Wear a mask," is so cute.

He sings about life and love in simple words, Don Oh Don-soo, and captures the times better than any other trendy singer.

And it sublimates it into art.

The 15th album is the last album.

And Han Dae-soo's retirement record doesn't get as much attention as Park Yong-taek's retirement game.

There was a controversy for Park Yong-taek, but there was no such common controversy.

It's savory.

(* Intent to disparage the accomplishments and retired match of Park Yong-Taik player no. LG fan, but I think a nice player misunderstandings eopeusigil)

※ last led the sonmuhyeon 2015 Jo Young Nam, jeoningwon, strong acid, Shin Daechul, gimdogyun, gimmokgyeong, Yoon Do-hyun, Lee Sang-eun, Lee Hyun-do, Ki-Ha, and Ho-ran held a'Han Dae-soo Tribute Concert' to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the release of Han Dae-soo's 1st album, The Far and Long Way.

After watching this performance, I was invited as the first guest of the culture podcast <Mokdong Salon> that I was running at the time.

I forgot the recording time, so I was an hour late.

It's like you slept at the Shinchon officetel.

Still, he sincerely told the story of the teacher's life for about an hour and a half.

If you would like to hear from Dr. Han Dae-soo's training


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