Reporter investigation: The meal replacement powder you bought may be multigrain powder

  "Healthy Light Plan", "Easy to lose weight", "One cup replaces one meal, scientific weight loss"...... Double Twelfth is coming soon. Under the vigorous promotion of merchants, meal replacement powders of various flavors and brands have already been installed in love. Beauty women with shopping cart.

  "Xiaohongshu, Douyin, Taobao are all sold, and many Internet celebrities and celebrities are also recommending it. The effect should not be too bad." As an "old aunt" born in the 90s, Xinxin did not ban "meal replacement powder" "The temptation to start a "slimming meal replacement powder."

In her words, "I don't know if it's useful, but as long as you mention'slimming', it's a hurdle that I can't get through."

  Xin Xin told the Beijing News reporter that the customer service recommends that the method of losing weight quickly is to consume only meal replacement powder for three meals a day for a week, which can lose 8-10 kg. If you are really greedy, you can eat it with cucumbers and tomatoes, but you must not eat it with fruits. .

Although she has unlimited expectations for the meal replacement powder, Xinxin said that leaving aside the effect, the only worry is that she is afraid that the body will "cannot bear" just eating the meal replacement powder.

  In fact, there are many women who think the same as Xinxin. While they are full of expectations for meal replacement powder, they also have doubts about it.

So, what exactly is "meal replacement powder"?

  A reporter from the Beijing News surveyed 10 popular “meal replacement powders” on the market and found that despite the differences in product formulas, the most common ingredient names are: purple potato flakes, oatmeal, wheat germ, quinoa flakes, raisins, Konjac flour, red date flour, red bean flour, medlar, plantago husk flour, almond flour, corn flakes, yam flour, kudzu root flour, barley flour, etc.

Among the 10 meal replacement powders, only 2 meal replacement powder ingredients showed nutrient additives, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium carbonate, and octyl gluconate, while the remaining 8 product ingredients were all cereal ingredients.

  Take COFCO's purple potato konjac meal replacement porridge as an example. The ingredient list shows that it contains 27% oatmeal, 18% raisins, 10% purple potato powder, crystalline fructose, skimmed milk powder, diced red dates, almond flour, and coconut flour. , Instant soy flour, konjac flour, black rice, plantain husk flour.

The original price of 450 grams of meal replacement powder is 199 yuan, and the discount is 89 yuan. The recommended consumption is 30 grams each time, that is, the original price is 13.27 yuan each time, and the discounted price is 5.93 yuan. Upscale.

  On December 10th, a reporter from the Beijing News came to a stall selling miscellaneous grains in the Tjit morning market in Dongcheng District and selected the 10 most common ingredients in meal replacement powders-fried barley, oats, kudzu root, yam, A total of 500 grams of red beans, corn, red dates, poria, wheat germs, gorgon, etc., are powdered at a ratio of 1:1:1. The price is 27 yuan, and each 30 grams is about 1.6 yuan. This price is only the above 1/4 of meal replacement powder sold online.

  Beijing News reporter Zhang Zhaohui