Former CEO Greg Kelly, who was accused of understated the compensation of former chairman Carlos Ghosn of Nissan Motor in the securities report, was considered to be the most important witness in a judicial transaction with the prosecution. Twenty-two witness interrogations by the secretary general have been completed.

A fierce battle was fought over whether the agreement to pay unpaid compensation after the retirement of the former chairman was valid.

Former Nissan representative director Greg Kelly, 64, colluded with former chairman Ghosn and filed a judicial transaction with the prosecution in a trial charged with understated the former chairman's compensation in a securities report. Witness interrogations of the secretary general were held 22 times from September to the 10th of this month.

Former Secretary-General continues to testify largely in line with the prosecution's allegations, with former CEO Kelly examining ways to pay unpaid compensation after Ghosn's retirement, and former Secretary-General managing the amount of compensation. He testified that the agreement was signed by former Chairman Ghosn in 2011 and 2013.

The prosecution claims that there was unpaid compensation over the agreement, while the defense argued that the agreement was not valid and that no agreement had been reached between the former chairman and Nissan. doing.

When the defense pursued that the agreement document was not a contract, the former secretary general said, "I thought that Nissan had to do something else to actually pay the unpaid compensation to the former chairman." In some cases, the document alone admitted that the payment of unpaid compensation was not guaranteed.

At the trial, Nissan executives at that time will continue to be called by witnesses, and witness cross-examination and accused questions are scheduled until July next year.