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Does the real estate need "real estate"?

Faisal Muhammad Al-Shamri

December 12, 2020

We are not talking about drugs and the councils ’talk about“ Covid-19 ”and its vaccines and the most effective ones, but about real estate and land circulation. With the decrease in demand and the abundance of supply, many government agencies have kindly reduced and even canceled many fees such as registration, circulation, etc.

The Dubai Land Department launched an electronic cards program for large owners, which includes a wide range of services and facilities, in four categories: Platinum, Diamond, Gold and Silver, and a VIP card, with the aim of enhancing the attraction of foreign investments in the real estate sector.

While we note that other parties are still obligated when starting the registration procedures for requesting land service or registering documentation, to complete the registration as a broker and holder of a commercial license or the authorized signatory, which we believe has complicated the trading procedures, with insufficient awareness of the concerned brokers or real estate owners. Affected.

Awareness of these decisions is important and vital, and introducing the change in procedures is vital that reinforces the awakening of this sector from its slumber, and stimulating it by taking advantage of low prices.

And strengthening cooperation with the banking sector to develop innovative packages and competitive profit rates or benefits similar to what we see in the real estate sector in Europe and the United States of America. When "real estate gets sick", strong stimulants and positive incentives must be brought out to restore its health and activity.

Likewise, the integration of municipal smart platforms services with economic processes such as commercial licensing and real estate documentation, requires care to experiment and test the mechanisms and channels of connection before they are mandatory, as any defect in them will destroy the efforts of years of government development, demolition and re-engineering procedures, to require the physical transfer and the presence of those concerned between the offices of government agencies We expected the need for it to disappear this year, as this type of regulatory development is important and vital, but it requires trials and pre-testing before it is launched or approved because of the obstacles and obstacles it poses.

The revenues of Tamm’s services packages to reduce service completion time and raise customer happiness indicators, push us to raise the hat for the many government teams that have achieved these joint institutional leaps, and make us aspire to impose the modeling of these improvements, development and systematic digital transformation of any government procedures or changes in any service department. Services are no longer pertaining to one party without another, and the effects of procedural and administrative changes are no longer separate. Rather, they have effects that require analysis and testing for their interrelationships and complex effects.

This requires experimenting with linking mechanisms, measuring their effectiveness, and testing changes in an experimental environment before releasing them to the public. It may even be tried in a limited way on specific samples and slides.

The righteous son gets sick and does not die, and therefore care must be taken when developing services related to it or affecting it, that the real estate sector services platforms achieve the smart and desired digital transformation, without disrupting or creating difficulties, and contribute to the completion of transactions smoothly and without additional cost.

A digital transformation consultant, lecturer, and certified organizational excellence expert

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