China News Service, Xiamen, December 9th (Yan Xu) The two-day Ninth China-Thailand Strategy Symposium 9 ended.

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the seminar was held simultaneously in two offline venues in Xiamen, China and Nakhon Nayok, Thailand. Experts and scholars from the two countries connected and interacted online through the "Cloud Conference".

  The theme of this seminar is "45 Years of Sino-Thai Cooperation: Experience and Prospects", focusing on cultural exchanges, poverty alleviation experience, sustainable development, governance models, economic and trade cooperation, and the construction of the "Belt and Road" between the two countries under the new situation. Cooperation path and prospects in the field.

  “As the new crown pneumonia epidemic is raging, Thailand and China can fully exchange and learn from each other on issues such as the prevention and control of infectious diseases and the harmonious coexistence of human beings with nature.” said Song Peng Song Winbang, adviser to the Minister of Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation of Thailand. It is hoped that both sides will further expand their academic exchanges and cooperation, promote mutual understanding between the two peoples through historical research and cultural exchanges, and promote friendly exchanges between Thailand and China.

  Zhuang Guotu, president of the Southeast Asian Association of China, believes that future cooperation between China and Thailand can be carried out in all directions.

"For example, China's'One Belt One Road' and'Thailand 4.0', the interconnection between China and Thailand, these are worthy of our attention in the future, and they are very promising."

  Zhuang Guotu proposed that China and Thailand will further in-depth cooperation under the RCEP framework. Thailand is located in the geographic center of Southeast Asia and is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia. It is very important among ASEAN countries and also very important in RCEP.

  It is understood that the annual China-Thailand Strategy Symposium is a landmark result of the comprehensive cooperation between Huaqiao University of China, the National Research Institute of Thailand and the Thai-Chinese Cultural and Economic Association.

Since 2012, the China-Thailand Strategy Seminar has been held for 8 consecutive sessions.