Abdeslam Ouaddou (MC Oujda): "Despite good intentions, racism in football persists"

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The Champions League meeting between Paris SG and Turks of Basaksehir Istanbul was interrupted in the 16th minute on Tuesday, December 8, and the players returned to the locker room, after an alleged racist incident involving the fourth referee of the match.


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The unprecedented gesture of the players of Paris SG and Basaksehir Istanbul to leave the lawn on Tuesday, after accusations of racism brought against the fourth referee, led to the postponement of the Champions League match to this Wednesday.

This historic decision has been hailed by the football world and UEFA announces an investigation.

This is not the first time that a racist incident has disrupted a match played in a French stadium.

The reaction of Abdeslam Ouaddou, the current coach of the Mouloudia club of Oujda (MCO, Morocco).

He had himself been the target of racist insults during a meeting between Metz and Valenciennes in 2008.


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