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  • Several scientific personalities revealed to the public during the Covid-19 crisis will they meet in January 2021, in Switzerland, during a three-day conference, to discuss various themes related to the virus?

  • This is what the program of this event affirms, supposed to bring together controversial researchers like Didier Raoult, Christian Perronne or Luc Montagnier, or the philosopher Edgar Morin.

  • Contacted, several of them nevertheless indicated to

    20 Minutes that

    they would not be present at the event organized by the mysterious IRIM Foundation, which affirms that the conference will take place.

What could a debate on Covid-19 look like between several controversial public figures from the world of science and medicine, most of whom have been revealed to the general public during the global epidemic that has been ongoing for several months?

What exchanges could well have the defenders of a treatment with hydroxychloroquine with a colleague known for his opposition to the strategy of containment?

The Swiss public should have the opportunity to discover it in January 2021, during three days of meetings organized in Switzerland by the "Irim Foundation", bringing together professors Didier Raoult and Christian Perronne, former Nobel Prize winner in medicine Luc Montagnier - who had affirmed in the spring that the Covid-19 was created from HIV -, the epidemiologist Jean-François Toussaint or the doctor Béatrice Milbert, known for his controversial positions on Lyme disease and electro-hypersensitivity .

All in the presence of a renowned guest: sociologist and philosopher Edgar Morin.

We were all waiting for it: here is finally the great scientific conference which brings together: Didier Raoult, Luc Montagnier, Christian Perronne, JF Toussaint.😍

On the prog: Covid-19, "genesis of the virus" (made in the laboratory?), The treatments which walk ...

As a guest, Edgar Morin

Entrance: 550 €

1/2 pic.twitter.com/ebFYFLhzdK

- Olivier Hertel (@OlivierHertel) November 27, 2020

At least that is what the unfolding of the “Unity makes health” event, scheduled for January 17-19, 2021 at the Théâtre du Léman in Switzerland and relayed on Twitter a few days ago by the scientific journalist Olivier Hertel.

"On the program: Covid-19," genesis of the virus "(made in the lab?), The treatments that work ... [...] Entry: 550 €", he noted on this occasion, citing some of the many subjects mentioned on the site of the conference, among which we also find "the possibilities of vaccination against the Covid" or a "forum of alternative medicine".

The Egora site also acted as the relay for this gathering on November 27, by also mentioning the prices indicated at that time by the IRIM Foundation: “Admission to this conference is offered at 595 CHF (549, 71 euros) face-to-face and 199 CHF (183.91 euros) [remote] ”.

Doubt on the good performance of the conference, however, won several Internet users after Christian Perronne indicated on November 30, on his official Facebook page, that he "never gave his consent to participate in this event".


Contacted by

20 Minutes

to find out more on this subject, Professor Perronne had not followed up on our requests before the publication of the article, just like Jean-François Toussaint and Béatrice Milbert.

The IHU Méditerranée Infection, directed by Professor Raoult, on the other hand tells us that the latter "will not participate in this conference" while specifying that he "had indeed been contacted by the organizers but had not confirmed his participation.


For his part, Edgar Morin, who was presented as “honorary president” of the IRIM Foundation in a Facebook publication of the said foundation on November 19, explained to

20 Minutes 

: “My name was indicated for this conference without I asked for it, so without permission.

I will not participate in this conference while being curious about its communications ”.

The IRIM Foundation's Facebook post presenting Edgar Morin as its honorary president.

- screenshot / Facebook

The management of the Théâtre du Léman, where the conference is supposed to take place, finally confirms that they have "very serious options for this medical congress from January 17 to 19" but await "a final confirmation from the organizers who told me that it is was on track ”.

"Bringing out the truth about the genesis of the virus responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic"

What do we know about the mysterious IRIM Foundation at the origin of the event (with the Luc Montagnier Foundation), whose site simply displays, to date, a blank page adorned with its logo and indicating a contact email address in waiting for it to be "available again very soon"?

If the domain name “Irim-foundation.org” was registered in June 2020, the “transparency” tab of its Facebook page indicates that it was first called “IRIM Foundation” when it was created on October 20. , before adopting, on October 28, the English name of "Irim Foundation", for "Independent Researches for Integrative Medicine" - as detailed in his Twitter account.

The history of the IRIM Foundation Facebook page.

- screenshot / Facebook

Among his various publications in recent weeks, there is another flyer announcing Didier Raoult, Christian Perronne, Béatrice Milbert and Edgar Morin as “main speakers”.

The flyer published on the IRIM Foundation Facebook page.

- screenshot / Facebook

On her LinkedIn page, she indicates that its head office is in Switzerland and that it “aims to promote independent research in the context of integrative medicine.

"An archive of the content on its site as of November 23, 2020 shows that the program of the conference" Unity makes health "was already present.

There was also access to the ticket office (face-to-face or online), accompanied by this caption: "The time is no longer for controversy but for concertation of all existing medicines to bring out the truth about the genesis. of the virus responsible for the COVID 19 pandemic and highlight the real curative and, above all, preventive solutions that are available to us.

It is time to think about the medicine of tomorrow… ”

The description accompanying the ticketing of the event organized by the IRIM Foundation.

- screenshot

"The conference is maintained"

On its site, on November 23, the IRIM Foundation also indicated that it was chaired by Dr. Béatrice Milbert, its founder, and "carried by an international group of scientists" making "the observation that the range of existing care and remedies is much broader than those offered by the current system.

"Alternatives" probably in phase with the theories decried relayed by Luc Montagnier and Doctor Milbert, such as the memory of water or electro-sensitivity.

Contacted by

20 Minutes

, the IRIM Foundation affirms that "the colloquium is maintained".

“We are in the process of finalizing the return of all the speakers who are around the world.

We are waiting to have the complete list of speakers, ”she adds, specifying that she will communicate it to us on this occasion.


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