, Guangzhou, December 2 (Guo Jun, Huang Aidi) "It took us seven years to clear out the collection of cultural relics in the Palace Museum for the first time, totaling 1,807,558 items. This is an extremely difficult process." On December 2, Shan Jixiang, the president of the Chinese Society of Cultural Heritage and the sixth dean of the Palace Museum, gave a special report on "Strengthening Cultural Confidence and Becoming a Faithful Watcher of Chinese Culture" at South China University of Technology, which once again impressed the audience Experience the great contribution the Palace Museum has made to the cultural heritage of the Palace Museum.

  On the same day, the "Funding Education, Culture and Art Entering Campus-2020 Forbidden City Series Activities" special session of South China University of Technology was held in the conference hall of Huagong Liwu Technology Building.

Shan Jixiang's special report was warmly welcomed by the teachers and students of South China University of Technology.

  At the event site, Shan Jixiang used detailed cases, data, and hundreds of precious historical pictures to introduce the National Palace Museum's environmental improvement and improvement, ancient building repairs, "Safe Forbidden City" project, collection of cultural relics restoration, cultural and creative product development, etc. The efforts made by the parties shared a series of reform measures and practical experience adopted by the Palace Museum in the process of becoming a world-class museum.

  "The Palace Museum has an important task that is carried out every day, which is the restoration and protection of cultural relics." Shan Jixiang revealed many little-known stories at the scene, including the use of advanced equipment and professional technology by cultural relics restoration personnel to repair cultural relics that need to be restored. Carrying out analysis, testing, maintenance and protection, to maximize the preservation of the original historical information of the cultural relics, vividly presenting a period of little-known history to the audience.

  Shan Jixiang said that the “red wall, yellow tile, and blue sky” image of the Palace Museum has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It is precisely because the Palace Museum has unswervingly implemented the concept of “living cultural relics” and condensed the cultural resources of the Palace Museum Only with the cultural energy of China can we successfully realize the solemn promise of "delivering a magnificent Forbidden City to the next 600 years."

  The event was sponsored by the National Student Financial Aid Management Center of the Ministry of Education, the Head Office of the Bank of China and the Palace Museum, and undertaken by South China University of Technology and the Guangdong Branch of the Bank of China.