What are we paying attention to behind Ding Zhen?

How to promote winter cultural tourism and how to play?

  The "Sweet Wild" boy Ding really became popular. The first thing that caused the fire was the mountains and rivers of Litang in Ganzi, Sichuan.

  Ctrip data shows that the popularity of "Litang" has risen sharply since November 20.

By the last week of November, searches for "Litang" had soared by 620%, which was four times that of National Day.

Ganzi's tourism fever is also rising.

  Ding Zhen, who was on fire, also reflected the faces of cultural and tourism departments in various places.

  Tibet Travel said that Ding Zhen's heart is in Tibet.

  The Qinghai Cultural Tourism Department said that young people in Qinghai will not lose.

  The Shaanxi Cultural Tourism Department said that we found the terracotta warriors and horses who looked most like Ding Zhen...

  Ding Zhen's popularity is behind the promotion of winter cultural tourism to promote consumption.

Why do you want to promote your winter cultural tourism at this time?

The winter cultural tourism consumption season can really attract people, what kind of improvement and supporting services are needed?

Various places have introduced their winter cultural tourism products according to local conditions

  Dai Bin, Dean of China Tourism Research Institute: We have also noticed that leaders in many places are endorsing the live broadcast of tourism, such as ice and snow tourism in northern areas such as Harbin, indoor ice and snow experience in places such as Central Plains, Beibu Gulf and the waterfront in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. Holiday hot spring health preservation, as well as a variety of folk-custom intangible cultural heritage performances and tourism projects, have made very sufficient preparations in terms of supply.

In the context of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, we are happy to see the results of promoting the full resumption of work, production, and business of the tourism industry, making good use of the domestic super tourism market, and promoting the domestic economic cycle.

Internet celebrities are necessary, but you can’t rely on them alone

  Dai Bin, Dean of China Tourism Research Institute: Price-cutting promotion and promotion are necessary means for the operation of tourism economy, but the core of expanding tourism, especially winter tourism consumption, is to use new demand to drive innovation in supply.

So I said that Internet celebrities are necessary, but you can’t rely solely on Internet celebrities.

We need to study the new changes in the tourism market to cultivate a new space for a better life shared by both the host and the guest. Today’s people go out to travel not only for beautiful scenery, but also for a beautiful life on top of beautiful scenery. Therefore, a number of tourist resorts, Tourism and leisure cities and neighborhoods, rural tourism, and red tourism must strengthen cultural guidance, especially the application of technology, and make a fuss about price concessions. It is necessary to be an Internet celebrity, but not enough.

With the sporadic rebound of the epidemic in winter, what is the public's willingness to travel?

  Dai Bin, President of the China Tourism Research Institute: From the first three quarters of the epidemic this year, the country has successively resumed intra-provincial tourism and inter-provincial tourism business.

Judging from the situation during the Golden Week of November this year, confidence in tourism consumption has been restored, and the momentum of tourism consumption has begun to gather.

We also conducted a survey on tourism consumption willingness in the fourth quarter. The public tourism consumption willingness can be restored to the same level as in previous years. According to the current epidemic prevention and control situation, we will definitely usher in a market that is prosperous and orderly, with abundant supply and safety. Tourist winter stalls.

Do everything possible to ensure quality and avoid publicizing "buyer show" consumption "seller show"

  Dai Bin, Dean of China Tourism Research Institute: The current epidemic prevention and control is still the top priority. Without safety, there is no tourism.

Local governments must do everything possible to ensure the quality of tourism consumption. Sometimes they promote it well, leading to the promotion of "buyer show" and consumption is "seller show", which is not good.

And don’t have a situation where "ideals are full and reality is skinny".

Forced consumption, fraudulent consumption, and uncivilized tourism are frequent and frequent occurrences, which may have a major negative impact on the operation of the tourism economy.

For local governments, in addition to publicity and preferential treatment, they must do everything possible to increase the intensity of tourism public services, especially in terms of safety production and quality assurance of tourism public services.

These tasks may not be like online celebrity propaganda, which will immediately see results or form word-of-mouth on the spot, but it is the basis for the operation of the tourism economy.

The demand for outbound travel has been partially transferred to China, and there is still consumption potential to be released

  Dai Bin, Dean of the China Tourism Research Institute: Now some of the demand has been transformed into domestic consumption. For example, when people go shopping in Hainan, the daily consumption is 100 million yuan. The amount is already very large. There was no such large amount in the past.

High-end consumption and high-end vacations in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Beijing, as well as Guangzhou and Shenzhen, have been fully developed.

But in general, our service quality and product innovation have not kept up. A considerable part of high-end catering consumption, entertainment consumption, accommodation consumption, especially the consumption items that integrate culture and tourism, the potential of these consumption has not been stimulated and released by culture. Coming out is also the direction of our next efforts.

How to promote the sound and rapid development of the homestay industry?

  Dai Bin, Dean of the China Tourism Research Institute: On the one hand, it must be promoted, and on the other hand, it must be supervised. In particular, it is necessary to prevent the focus of high prices, hidden safety hazards in facilities and equipment, and substandard sanitation standards.

Homestays are not a place outside the law. Local governments can issue some standards first. They cannot just wait for the national standards to be issued. Local standards must also be issued. Local supervision cannot be absent.

Regarding some of the current problems in the homestay industry, we should not just wait for the market to play a role, but also effectively play the role of the government.

"Tourism + Transportation" How to carry special tourist equipment such as ski equipment?

  Dai Bin, Dean of China Tourism Research Institute: Judging from international experience, there will be special carriages for storing skis and ski equipment.

Not only skiing, but ice sports will also have some special devices, as well as RV camps, there will also be corresponding special facilities and equipment. If the supervision cannot keep up, just use the usual means of transportation to manage tourism + transportation. Demands often engrave boats for swords and trees for fish.

It is possible that the public will travel with pets in the future, so we hope that road transportation safety supervision and even hotel equipment and facilities must adapt to changes in consumer demand, and use new standards and new management practices to adapt to new consumer needs. This can not only solve the safety problem, but also solve the new demand for consumer convenience.