• In shape with the Pin Twins: How to tighten your glutes and legs by climbing stairs

  • Fit with the Pin Twins. Four cardio exercises to do anywhere

The former professional swimmers and trainers Gemma and Esther Pineda, known as the Pin Twins (@gemelas_pin) show us in this video four exercises, which we can do anywhere without using any type of material, to strengthen the glutes:

sumo squat , heel to glute in lunge, lateral raise and squat with feet together


The objective would be to complete

three series

, performing the maximum repetitions that we have time to do (without neglecting the technique) for

40 seconds, with 20 seconds of rest

between each of the proposed exercises.

This table, which we can carry out three times a week, should be combined with as many aerobic sessions (vigorous walking, running, swimming, etc.) and strength exercises that help us work the rest of the large muscle groups .


before starting a training program, it is essential to consult a qualified professional who will design a tailored program for us based on our fitness, age, goals, etc.

Also listen to the calls of our body and stop at any symptoms of discomfort, dizziness or pain.

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BodyFit with the Pin Twins: how to tighten your glutes and legs by climbing stairs

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BodyFit with the Pin twins: four cardio exercises to do anywhere

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