Krismenn's guitarist during the Trans Musicales de 2017. -


The Trans Musicales de Rennes go digital to introduce twelve emerging artists, from Wednesday to Saturday.

The pioneering festival was canceled due to a health crisis.

"The Trans invite themselves to your home" are based on sessions filmed under live conditions, without an audience, at Trabendo, a Parisian venue, and at Ubu, in Rennes, broadcast live or slightly delayed, on / Culturebox, Fip, YouTube and Tvr.

The cancellation, a first since 1979

To discover, therefore, the psychedelic electro - infused with Polynesian rhythms - of Quinzequinze, the funk of Eighty, or even the afro-rap of James BKS, whose biological father is none other than Manu Dibango.

It is the first time since their creation in 1979 that the Trans, the traditional last festival of the year, cannot take place.

The event had so far overcome everything, including the strike and blockade movement of 1995. “It was hot, but we still managed to bring in all our artists, including Daft Punk.

Thomas Bangalter (one of the members of the duo) had just had his license, he had taken his car with their whole studio inside (laughs), to go to the airport, we had "booked" a plane and they arrived on Saturday, the very day of the concert, ”said Trans boss Jean-Louis Brossard.


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