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Little is known about the richest woman in Spain,

Sandra Ortega Mera


She, who accumulates a fortune hardly imaginable that exceeds 5,600 million euros - which also includes her in the



of the richest in the world, where she occupies a not inconsiderable twenty-ninth position -, has made the discretion of his father,

Amancio Ortega

, his own flag and has taken it even further to the extreme: he flees from public life and the media to the point that there are hardly any images of it.

A completely anonymous life without parties or events, but with everything at its feet.

A dream that few of us can achieve.

Yes, another discreet Spanish woman,

Hortensia Herrero


has done it

, the second largest female fortune in our country.

She is a director and shareholder of


and combines her business work with that of a philanthropist, presiding over the foundation that bears her name and which supports initiatives to recover the artistic heritage of the Valencian Community.

"Improve our past to enjoy it in the present and continue to leave it as a legacy for the future", establishes the objective of the Hortensia Herrero Foundation website.

It could not be more premonitory for the women that make up the list that we present below, that of the

25 Spanish with the greatest fortune


Sandra Ortega Mera

5,600 million euros.

Eldest daughter of Amancio Ortega, president of Inditex and the richest man in Spain, she is also one of the richest women in the world.

It manages its participation in Inditex and Pharmamar through the Rosp Corunna Business Participations group.

Hortensia Herrero

2,400 million euros.

Vice-president and owner of Mercadona together with her husband, Juan Roig, she also presides over the foundation that bears her name.

Hortensia has risen positions in our list: last year it was in fifth place, with an estimated fortune of 1.6 billion euros.

Alicia koplowitz

2,200 million euros


Owner of the Omega Capital sicav, with which she manages the family fortune, she dedicates a large part of her time to patronage.

María del Pino and Calvo Sotelo

1,900 million euros.

She chairs the Rafael del Pino Foundation and the Casa Grande de Cartagena company, and is a director of Ferrovial.

Sun Daurella

1,300 million euros.

President of the European bottling company Coca-Cola Europeans Partners, she is also CEO and president of Cobega.

Helena Revoredo

950 million euros.

She is in charge of Prosegur, the security company founded by her husband.

It also has the Romer Capital sicav, with which it controls its shares in companies such as Repsol and Melià.

Nuria Roura Carreras

700 million euros.

Shareholder of the pharmaceutical company Laboratorios Grifols.

She is the widow of Victor Grifols i Lucas, one of the group's founders.

Carmen Daurella

600 million euros.

Shareholder of Coca-Cola Europeans Partners, it also participates in other companies of the family group, such as Copesco, Sefrisa and Bodegas Roda.

Carmen Thyssen-Bornemisza

600 million euros.

Her fortune responds to her great artistic heritage, the result of her marriage to the late Hans Heinrich von Thyssen-Bornemisza.

Felipa Jové Santos

500 million euros.

Felipa enters our list for the first time.

Together with her brother Manuel, she is the owner of the Galician real estate group Inveravante, after the death this year of her father, Manuel Jové Capellán.

Cristina Alvarez Guil

500 million euros.

Isidoro Álvarez's daughter holds the vice-presidency of the Areces Foundation.

Ana Francisca and Christelle Gervás

475 million euros.

Both sisters are the main shareholders of the Mahou-San Miguel beverage group.

Mercedes Calvo Caminero

450 million euros.

Outstanding shareholder of the Mahou-San Miguel Group, leader of the beer sector in Spain.

Carlota Galán Ruiz

450 million euros.

She is the president and majority shareholder of Galare and Corporación Ceslar, the holding company with which the Areces Galán family controls part of El Corte Inglés.

Mercedes Entrecanales Franco

400 million euros.

Founder, together with her cousin Ana Varela, of the Balia Foundation, she is one of the main shareholders of the construction company Acciona.

Dolores Larrañaga Horna

375 million euros.

Dolores enters our list for the first time.

Together with her sons Enrique, Arturo and Miguel Díaz-Tejeiro, she is the main shareholder of Solaria, a renewable energy company that has dramatically increased its listing on the Stock Market and which entered the Ibex-35 in October.

Isabel Castelo

375 million euros.

President and main shareholder of Seguros Ocaso, a company that was founded by her grandfather, Ramón D'Ortega.

Isabel de Mandalúniz

375 million euros.

Daughter of Isabel Castelo and, like her, one of the largest shareholders of Seguros Ocaso, the family business that emerged in Vigo.

Alicia and Mercedes Daurella.

350 million euros

Both are shareholders, together with their sisters Sol and Carmen, of Coca-Cola Europeans Partners.

Gloria Alemán Picatoste.

350 million euros She

is the main shareholder, together with her four children, of the real estate group GMP Property Somici.

Inés Entrecanales Franco

350 million euros.

Together with his sister Mercedes, he is one of the main shareholders of the construction company Acciona.

Maria and Magdalena Canivell

300 million euros.

They are shareholders of Grifols laboratories, a multinational specialized in plasma production that participates in various anticovid investigations.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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