Is there a secret?

Maradona's personal doctor under police investigation for "manslaughter"

  On November 29, local time, the police in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, searched the residence and office of Maradona's private doctor Luke.

The police stated that they would conduct related investigations against Luke on charges of "manslaughter" to find out whether there was medical negligence and negligence in the course of recovery after Maradona's operation, which led to Mara Donat's death.

  The police said that the investigation of Maradona's death is still continuing.

On the 28th, the police asked his family members to learn about Maradona's situation during his hospitalization, the doctor in charge, and related treatment progress.

  On November 3, local time, Argentine football king Maradona, who was undergoing hospitalization, was found to have subdural hematoma and was quickly discharged after undergoing surgery.

On November 25, Maradona passed away at home at the age of 60 without emergency rescue.

(Headquarters reporter Liu Xin)