In response to the recent appearance of Wang Pan's name in the "Wuhan University of Technology's 2020 Postgraduate Admissions Qualification Review Teacher List Announcement", Wuhan University of Technology responded via an official WeChat account on the evening of November 27th: After review, the teacher's postgraduate admissions qualification was determined Not passed.

  The response stated that recently, during the publication of the list of teachers who passed the qualification review of doctoral and master's degree candidates in 2020, the school received objections to the qualifications of teacher Wang Pan.

After review, it was decided that the teacher’s enrollment qualifications for postgraduates should not be approved.

The response also stated that all sectors of society are welcome to supervise the work of the school.

  On March 26, 2018, Tao Chongyuan, a graduate student in the School of Automation of Wuhan University of Technology, fell from a building on campus and died.

The public security agency's investigation concluded that the death was high, and homicide was ruled out.

After the incident, Tao Chongyuan's family believed that Tao Chongyuan's suicide was related to his mentor Wang Pan.

  This matter caused concern after being reported by the media.

Wuhan University of Technology responded on April 8, 2018, saying that after investigation, Wang Pan had behaviors that are not related to teaching and research, such as the father-son relationship between students, and that the methods and methods for guiding students to enter a higher education and employment process were improper. The school has stopped Wang Pan's graduate admission qualifications.

  (Reporter Zou Hao Edited by Le Xiaomin)

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]