The Dragon in Mask Singer on TF1 -


His little kicks and flicks exchanged with Camille Combal may have marked his passages on stage more than his vocal performances.

Nevertheless, the Dragon will have been one of the favorite characters of the viewers of this season 2 of

Mask Singer


Saturday night, for the final, on TF1 he finally dropped the mask.

Issa Doumbia was therefore hiding under the costume, as some of the investigators had guessed but not at all the investigators.

The comedian, actor and host, well known to TF1 viewers for his role in

Our Dear Neighbors

, will not be unworthy.

Above all, he will have managed to hide his identity throughout the show.



to rugby

With his covers of


by Aya Nakamura or 

On va s'aimer

 by Gilbert Montagné, Issa Doumbia will have had the merit of entertaining the spectators a lot.

Encumbered with an adorable but unwieldy costume, the baby dragon just hatched from its egg gave us rickety but daring choreography.

Looking at videos filled with clues about her life and career, viewers may have been surprised to learn that sport, and rugby in particular, has a special place in Issa Doumbia's life.

As for the clue that lost the investigators, namely that the Dragon had been twice champion of France, it was an allusion to the victory of Issa Doumbia in the French junior theatrical improvisation championship in 1999 and 2001.


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