After Guitar Hero and Rock Band, the Harmonix studio goes behind the decks with Fuser, a video game that puts players in the shoes of a DJ.

Responsible for making the crowds dance at major festivals, you have to learn the basics of the trade to, little by little, offer more and more sought-after mixes.

Good atmosphere guaranteed!

If you miss festivals, 


is for you!

This video game, created by Harmonix, the studio behind the

Guitar Hero


Rock Band


, this time places players in front of a DJ's decks.

Armed with a record bin filled with hits, effects galore and digital instruments, it's just a matter of mixing to get the audience dancing.

Much more accessible than it seems at first glance, 


allows everyone to feel like a DJ for a few hours.

Available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, this game will set the mood in your confinement.

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Facing the decks, facing the crowd, facing his destiny

To enter 


, it is imperative to start with career mode.

We embody a beginner DJ who, thanks to a few connections, offers his first stage in a festival.

A first experience that serves as a tutorial to learn the basics of mixing.

In this case, we start by mixing existing songs.

There is a choice: a hundred songs, hits from the 1970s to the present day with electro, rock, rap, reggaeton and even country!

Each song is broken down into four tracks: the drums (or the beat), the bass, the rhythm part and the vocals.

Thanks to the four decks, you can mix tracks of different pieces to find combinations worthy of Ibiza. 

The career mode is spread over six festivals.

Each time you have to succeed six sets, from 3 p.m. to 1 a.m., to move on to the next one.

At each session, the festival director teaches you new techniques to improve your mix.

At first, it's just a matter of placing a track on each deck and changing from time to time.



introduces the notion of tempo: the measures scroll in front of you and he finds the right one to change tracks: a downbeat to insert a track, a lift to replace one without a pause, etc.

Then come the effects, loops and other details aimed at breaking away from existing music to let your creativity run free.

If the audience likes you win, if not you start over.

Anyone can become a DJ (or almost)

The strength of 


is its accessibility: in just two hours, you really feel like a real DJ, just with a controller and a few records.

Spoiler: this is obviously not the case.

But the simplicity of the game, combined with its fairly clear interface and its algorithm that links the tracks together, allows you to quickly create listenable mixes, even sometimes very surprising.

In free mode (without indication or help), we tested hundreds of combinations of tracks.

Some work, others not at all.

And for those who do not fear for their hearing, here is my first mix in real conditions.

With Billie Eilish, Donna Summer, Nicki Minaj and even a-ha!

# RoadToIbiza # / mUuK4oPT6V

- Clément Lesaffre (@ClementLesaffre) November 25, 2020

Without a doubt, this is the funniest part of


: using songs from the disc tray to find the unexpected chemistry.

It emerged from our session that Donna Summer and Billie Eilish are quite compatible, that the edgy guitar of Rage Against the Machine accompanies very well the rhythmic rap of DMX or that O-Zone (yes, the Moldovan band with the career ephemeral) deserves its place provided it is accompanied by a catchy bassline, at random that of

 Take on Me


Measure yourself against DJs around the world


is a two-speed game, however.

90% of players will just have fun with the basic content, mixing the songs available and possibly adding some effects here and there.

But for those who would like to go further and tackle the creation of original titles, the game is full of much more sophisticated possibilities.

In addition to the dozens of effects, it is thus possible to create your own "loops", musical loops to be composed on rhythm machines.

Live, you can also adjust the BPM to modify the rhythm of the song and choose on which note to play (C, D, E ...).

So many techniques that require time and training before being mastered.

It is not David Guetta who wants!

All these experiments have a purpose since they can be shared with his friends or with the whole



. The opportunity to admire and be inspired by the ideas of more or less inspired amateur DJs. The game also includes a "Battle" mode which consists of facing other players during a set, the virtual audience acting as justice of the peace. The advantage is that you don't have to be a DJ Snake to try the experience and compete with others. Anyone can find a talent for mixing after a few hours of playing.