British "Cranfield" honors its Chief Operating Officer at "Emirates Airlines"

Adel Al-Reda: “Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum and Tim Clark have been among the main leaders and mentors throughout my career.”

Cranfield University, Britain, has awarded its chief operating officer, Emirates Airlines, with the award for Excellence in Aviation 2020.

The CEO and Vice President of the University, Peter Gregson, during a hypothetical award ceremony, spoke about the contributions of satisfaction in the aviation industry and his leadership capabilities, as a source of inspiration for new students preparing to assume responsibilities in the field of aviation, pointing to the efforts of satisfaction in the fields of innovation and the integration of technology in various fields. Aviation fields, which led to the achievement of operational efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction, and contributed to the success of "Emirates Airlines".

In his turn, the chief operating officer of "Emirates Airlines", Adel Al-Reda, in his acceptance speech, thanked His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Chief Executive Officer and CEO of Emirates Airlines and the Group, and the President of Emirates Airlines, Tim Clark, for their encouragement and trust.

He said, “His Highness Sheikh Ahmed and Sir Clark have been among the key leaders and mentors throughout my career.

Without their encouragement and support, I wouldn't have earned my master's degree at Cranfield. ”

He explained: “In 1997, His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed offered me a scholarship to obtain a master’s degree at Cranfield University, and (Emirates Airlines) at that time was a young, ambitious and fast-growing company, and it was difficult to stay away from the exciting work and full-time study, but my manager Clark encouraged me to go ahead with my studies. ”

In his speech after receiving the award, Al-Ridha spoke about the success story of "Emirates Airlines", and his personal passion for raising the capabilities of maintenance and developing skilled Emirati talents in several fields, which led to the launch of various programs in Emirates Airlines to prepare pilots, engineers and administrators, including This is the establishment of the largest center in the region for aircraft engine maintenance, and the Emirates Airline Pilot Training Academy in 2017.

Al-Reda also reviewed Emirates Airline’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, including making operational decisions through the Crisis Committee, which started its work in February 2020. He praised the distinguished approach taken by the UAE and Dubai with the participation of various relevant parties in managing the crisis.

He also expressed his pride in being part of the work team of the Crisis and Disasters Committee in Dubai, which allowed him to present the latest developments and contribute to the speedy decision-making in the aviation field.

It is noteworthy that Adel Al-Reda joined Emirates Airlines in 1988 and held many senior management positions in the airline, including overseeing the programs for manufacturing and receiving aircraft from Boeing and Airbus.

Al-Reda has assumed, in his position as Chief Operations Officer since 2009, heading the operational departments of Emirates Airlines, whether in Dubai or via the airline’s global network.

Al-Reda, who is also a fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society, graduated with a master's degree in air transportation from Cranfield University in 1997. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering technology from Northrop University in the United States.

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