The Chang'e-5 probe was launched at the Wenchang Space Launch Site on November 24.

At the launch site, a post-95 girl was particularly noticeable.

She is the youngest female commander at the Wenchang launch site and Zhou Chengyu, the commander of the connector system of the Chang'e 5 lunar exploration mission.

Zhou Chengyu, born in 1996, is a girl from the Tujia nationality in Guizhou. She is one of the youngest in the team of nearly 80 people in the unit.

  Although young, at work, she has the courage to try and break through herself.

  In the power system team, Zhou Chengyu is the one who changes positions most frequently so far.

In the two and a half years since she arrived at the unit, she participated in 5 test and distribution missions. Due to the needs of the mission, her job assignment was different in each mission.

  Every job change requires great courage, because different positions have huge differences in the knowledge and ability requirements of the personnel, which is full of challenges for a girl who has not too much experience in testing and distribution.

However, Zhou Chengyu can adapt as quickly as possible with his wisdom and hard work every time he changes his post, and successfully complete the tasks assigned by the organization.

This is the true portrayal of the youngest female commander of the Wenchang Space Launch Site.

(Video source: Lin Shijie, reporter at Wenchang Space Launch Site)

Editor in charge: [Liu Xian]