“Tuesday is a transitional day, there will be a pronounced frontal section and there will be more precipitation.

In the second half of the day, a decrease in temperature and in some places a little snow is predicted, "RIA Novosti quoted him as saying.

The forecaster noted that the day and night temperature background in the first half of the week will be within 0 ...- 5 ° С. 

“On Thursday it is already light cloudy and no precipitation.

Temperatures at night are -2 ...- 7 ° С, and during the day from 0 ...- 5 ° С.

There is a significant likelihood of further temperature reductions in the following days, at the end of next week, ”said Wilfand.

He specified that the temperature in the center of European Russia will return to the climatic norm.

“Probably a further increase in frost, but this forecast still needs to be clarified,” added the forecaster.

Earlier, Wilfand spoke about the weather forecast in Moscow at the beginning of the calendar winter.