The 16-year-old, fluent in 7 languages, has 4 books, and won 27 international awards

Amir Al-Fihri: The future of Arab youth is my bet ... and the UAE is my gateway

  • Amir Al-Fihri: The UAE is a land of tolerance that supports initiatives that make a difference in peoples' lives.

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Several talents were revealed by the Tunisian Amir Al-Fihri, who is no more than 16 years old, after he was able to master seven different foreign languages ​​and publish four books, for which he won more than 27 international awards in the field of literature, which qualified him to reap well The title of "the brilliant young Tunisian", on the background of his appointment, finally, as ambassador for the Arab creator by the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science (ALECSO).

Al-Fihri is also betting on serving his lofty human aspirations and expanding the reverberation of positivity and messages of hope for a bright future for Arab youth, based on his dream of opening the first "international school" in the heart of the refugee camps in Mosul, Iraq, through the various projects of ideas that Al-Fihri carried in his pocket during his last visit. To the UAE, and his meeting with a number of high-ranking officials active in various fields of culture, literature and youth projects.

Emirates Gate

In an interview with "Emirates Today", Al-Fihri talked about his recent visit to the Emirates, expressing his overwhelming happiness with this visit, which is the first to an Arab country, immediately after his appointment as ambassador for the Arab creator by the "ALECSO" organization, and his recent visit to the French "Polynesia" islands with the aim of organizing a forum Youth coincides with the International Day of Dialogue for Progress on May 21, 2021, which will be held with the participation of several countries in the Pacific region and the Pacific Islands, inviting the UAE to actively participate in this global forum.

Al-Fihri added: “I am glad that the UAE is the main gateway through which we invite all Arab countries to participate in this unprecedented global forum, as it is an exceptional opportunity to present my humanitarian project that I am currently working on, which is the opening of the first international school in the heart of refugee camps. In the city of Mosul, there are more than 1200 students », stressing his targeted visits to the UAE, the land of tolerance, which is part of the search for ways to fruitful cooperation to support the goals of Arab youth and the outcomes of his meaningful meetings with a number of officials in the Emirates, which revealed the Emiratis’s clear willingness to support His initiatives and support for the efforts of milestone projects in this regard.

International recognition

Regarding the details of the international school that the young Tunisian intends to open, Al-Fihri revealed that he is currently striving to obtain international recognition related to the level of the scientific certificate that will be presented to students enrolled in the school, and its scientific value at the international level, which is thus expected to correspond with the school’s position at the academic level and its intellectual radiance And civilization, stressing the possibilities open to its refugee students to enroll in the most prestigious and important universities around the world, whether in Iraq or in the rest of the Arab and foreign countries, “Through my numerous meetings with the responsible authorities in the UAE, Lebanon, and my country Tunisia, I can say today that I am more optimistic about the proximity Reaching my goal and achieving this dream ».

A migration of young minds

On the other hand, Amir feels sorry for the increasing migration of Arab minds to the countries of the Diaspora, directing an urgent appeal to the Arab youth to wait and think about the future of their homelands and to distance themselves from personal interests and aspirations, saying: “It is true that many variables today plague our Arab region and make it under the weight of conflicts and wars, and then Poverty, marginalization and deprivation, except that the countries of the Diaspora are not the gardens of Eden, as many imagine them. Every country has its own crises and internal challenges, but the difference always remains in the ability of its young groups, which make up its social fabric, to lead the future, overcome obstacles and achieve goals in multiple ways.

He added, "I am attending in this regard the precious advice that the President of the Republic of Tunisia gave me, Qais Saeed, during my meeting with him last August, when he warned me that I must ignore all the differences, political problems and ideological conflicts, and focus on the future of Arab youth."

Big ambitions

In addition to his various innovations in the field of literature, and winning international awards from several countries, most notably France, China and the United States, the Tunisian young man is fluent in Chinese, English, French, German, Kurdish and Italian, in addition to his book “Bullying” is one of the best-selling books in Tunisia, in addition to His latest book, “Among the Tigers, Difficult Days in the Life of a Student”, which is an autobiography that expresses the difficult experiences of the child that accompanied his school beginnings in Tunisia, which he described saying: “Life taught me to translate difficult experiences into great successes, victories and victories, and to overcome obstacles and challenges and turn them not into Personal successes, but grand ambitions, under whose tent all Arab youth fall.

Young voice

Through the Amir Al-Fihri Association, which was announced in France, the place of Al-Fihri's current residence, the Tunisian youth seeks to convey the voice of young people from all over the world, through an integrated series of direct meetings and constant communication between young people on the web and social media, to express their ideas And their aspirations, and conveying their young voices to leaders of states and heads of government in order to advance their societies, identify their problems and issues, and propose appropriate solutions to address them.

- He

held the title of "the brilliant young Tunisian" after his recent appointment as ambassador for the Arab creator by "ALECSO"

- Al-Fihri: “I am very happy with the great response that I found in the Emirates, and the preparations they showed to support my project, which I hope will become a symbol of peace.”

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