Capture of the parody show "L'Heure des predictions" -


Comedian Sébastien Thoen, columnist on the Canal Sports Club program, was fired by Canal +, according to information from the newspaper



This decision follows a sketch posted on November 19 by the betting site Winamax parodying Pascal Praud's show,

L'Heure des pros


In the sketch, we can see "Pascal Prono" in

L'heure des forecasts

asserting in the introduction: "We don't know the subjects better than you do, but we are paid, that's the difference.

"He is accompanied by Michel Saindoux," boss of the CAC 40 and shareholder of Losc ", Jérôme Leroi-Merlu," fisherman "-" so basically a trade unionist, "yellow vest" daredevils what ", summarizes" Pascal Prono "and Lionel Messiha, “footopolitologist”.

"National Front Channel"

A reference undoubtedly to Jean Messiha, ex national coordinator of the program of the National Gathering, who had declared at the time of his departure: "It's a bit like a football team which has a lot of supporters and a coach full of good will but who does not win or very rarely.

You can't always say it's the fault of the pitch, the referee, the ball or the sports journalists.


Pascal Prono, like his double Pascal Praud, is easily annoyed: “Stop, don't cut your word!

»He says to the false trade unionist.

A reference to the host's altercation with lawyer Caroline Mécary.

And he constantly seems to agree with Lionel Messiha… CNEWS is regularly accused of being “the National Front channel”.

🎙 “We don't know the subjects better than you do, but we are paid, that's the difference.


💥 Pascal Prono, Michel Saindoux, Jérôme Leroi-Merlu, Lionel Messiha: #LesSopronos present the time of the predictions.

- Winamax Sport (@WinamaxSport) November 19, 2020

Recently, the Decathlon brand took the decision to withdraw its advertisements from the channel.

One of its flagship columnists, Eric Zemmour, has been the subject of several convictions for insult and incitement to hatred as well as a conviction for incitement to racial discrimination.


CNews: Decathlon withdraws its advertising spots from the channel


Eric Zemmour sent back to correctional for "racist insult" against Hapsatou Sy

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