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Can the isolation of Covid-19 patients work in France?

In the midst of a debate on the management of these people affected by the coronavirus, the Order of Physicians on Friday expressed its opposition to the use of health data "for control purposes" and asked on the contrary "a real support strategy ".

Mentioned by several ministers since the beginning of November, the subject was discussed Tuesday evening by President Emmanuel Macron, who considered it necessary to be "more restrictive with regard to those who have the virus".

Do not compromise on medical confidentiality

Prime Minister Jean Castex then announced Thursday that the government would table a bill aimed at "better respecting isolation", with "the most individualized support possible".

There is no question of compromising with medical confidentiality, warns the Order of Physicians in a press release which "cannot accept that the medical data collected in the fight against Covid-19 (...) can be used for purposes control of our fellow citizens ”.

If a positive test were to have "coercive consequences", that "weaken (have) the adhesion of the population to screening and tracing", adds the institution.

For the Order, “a successful policy of individual confinement for patients and contact cases” will require “the implementation of a real strategy of medical and social support”.

To this end, "the human and financial resources that were announced at the start of the health crisis must be allocated".


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